A Detailed Review Of The LG V10

What makes it dashing: Astonishing rear camera, removable battery, two front cameras, microSD card slot.

What makes it unattractive: Price tag is a bit high.

Do you think the LGV10 is an attractive disappointment or actually great? At once, let us delve straight into the review of this phone.

A Detailed Review Of The LG V10

Well to say, some may say the LG V10 is between the two of them. Very evidently, LG is throwing features at their new flagship phablet trying to get an idea as to what probable success it could harvest, much as Samsung has done some time ago with their Android tablets and phones. Looking at the big screen LG, you see that if actually has a secondary front display–a narrow strip at the top which makes provision for shortcuts, status as well as can fill in the place of a control area for apps in the likeness of the camera. Putting words on the camera, this phone presents two front facing cameras; one with a more normal view and the other ultra-wide angle.

On to the conventional category! The LG V10 operates the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop (apologies it is not 6.0 Marshmallow that it has been shipping on a few phones of late) on the high end (I can’t say this is the best neither is it the worst either) Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 6-core CPU. It presents 64 gigs of storage, 4 gigs of RAM as well as bringing it into the high end category, and we have a microSD card slot which is well protected with cards up to 2TB going by assertions of LG.

The phone presents a 5.7″ Quantum IPS+ display (this you will agree me is LG’s marketing name slapped on their improved phone displays) running at QHD 2560 x 1440, which measures equally with 515 PPI– you will concur with me that even Superman won’t see individual pixels.

Just in resemblance to unit expectations, it’s a large and heavy phone that has the same intimidating size as the iPhone 6s Plus as well as the Nexus 6. It has the weight of 6.77 ounces we expect of the LG, there is the presented in this phone a removable battery. Two particular things that got our hearts pumping emotions for this device is: the microSD card slot and removable battery so you can swap in a spare when you are mobile and could barely charge.

Design and Ergonomics

A Detailed Review Of The LG V10

The design of this phone is basically a LG design sporting the curved back which comes at an increased thickness at the middle and then we see the power/volume controls sitting calmly on the back. LG made with the preference of a durable, rubbery back; not everyone would see the attraction in this anyway, yet if you more inclined to the ruggedized look, you could eventually love it. The back absorbs impact and is kind of grippy, so we say this is a addition as regards the goods practically. The device comes in black, opal blue, white (color availability varies by carrier). It has metallic sides having this classy feel despite the fact that it isn’t entirely metallic in the culture of its competitors.

The power button, just in the manufacturing habit of LG phones, is well found between the down button up and button down buttons, and the deviation can be said to be really very deserving if your finger is centered.

Performance and Software

A Detailed Review Of The LG V10

The LG V10 comes with a Qualcomm’s upper tier CPU, it happens to be the lower among the two current Snapdragon 800 series CPUs. The Snapdragon 808 is an illustrious hexa-core 1.8 GHz CPU which could generates less heat compared to the top 810, and well it is supposed to need less battery power (this is more theoretical however). It’s coupled with Adreno 418 graphics, a GPU that boasts sufficient strength to take care of draining games without any significant hitches. The phone presents 4 gigs of RAM, of course you will agree with the that is the top limit of what you could see these days in a high end phone. Its big storage comes at 64 gigs as it is well possible to store photos, even other files which could be videos on an SD card. Benchmarks reflected a positive build up from the LG G4 which works on the same CPU, and from experience, the phone has this faster feel which encompasses being more and responsive even in face of the very heavy skin LG adopts over Android.

3 Cameras, 1 Phone

A Detailed Review Of The LG V10

How many cameras are you really okay with? We have been entertained to the Intel and HTC experiences which served us with dual rear cameras for depth effects, but I suppose this could be first we would be getting two independent front cameras. The two are 5MP and one is ultra-wide for those times you want to capture what’s behind you or a group of friend while the other is typical field of view for a front camera. If you are unimpressed with the manner in which our features are well altered by very wide angle lenses, then you surely will give the cudos to having the choice between the wide view lens and standard. If you not over immersed in the habit of capturing group selfies, then you could just be on the look out for a phone which sports a standard front camera lens (well not many have particularly wide lenses).

I will admit LG did commendably big stuff with the rear camera on the LG G4, and it thus keeps its place among the best camera phones on the market. There is the promise of improved results with the V10, and from what I have seen they are not far from the truth, the LG V10 does a good job in taking shots that look very good in quality coming in such smooth quality point and shoot camera. That is a plus certainly considering the tiny lens on the back. Let me say the look of images is very natural and three dimensional when brought in comparison to the usual flat looking camera phone shots. Tonal gradations and colors and are in close fashion very natural and sound with actual detail which is quite different from the interpolated JPEG data. Exposure is well appealing and color balance as much accurate as it is neutral. Photos are of more cool (more toward the blue) as against that of iPhone and Samsung. As to whether your preference lies in warm tones (which is wonderful for people shots) or cool tones (which sells better for landscapes), it is all your choice.

The 16MP camera presents a fast f/1.8 lens on manual mode and it is possible to adjust everything minus the aperture. The camera captures a sizable amount of color in instances of dark interior shots. You wouldn’t despair as this is soothing improvement from the near monochromatic images some phones give us in bad lighting.

Battery Life

A Detailed Review Of The LG V10

The LG V10 and Snapdragon 808 chipset is compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, as well as a quick charger is included in the box. It has the capacity to charge a nearly depleted 3,000 mAh battery in just sixty minutes. The 3,000 mAh battery is removable–this implies pulling off the back cover and then you could possibly swap in a spare.
Bringing into consideration the large display and moderately powerful chipset, the LG V10 attains a basic passmark bit this is not excellent as to battery life.
When I put it in on a light to moderate real world use which entails web, social networking, email and streaming a few YouTube videos, it has the duration of 8am to 10pm (4.5 hours actual screen on time). Should you be a heavy user, the solid need may pop up for a spare battery or in other possibility you could make jump on quick charging midday to quickly charge the battery.


I will say the the LG V10 is a neat phone. This recommendation may sound too simple, but then it is expensive to capture the heart of the V10; it comes with a handful of gimmicks (even some of them may turn useful for you), a big screen and a magnificent camera. It’s fun and it is thoroughly large enough a screen for you to possibly enjoy content. Let me put in here that it necessarily doesn’t introduce much astonishing breakthroughs to the smartphone market but then it is yet a gasping advancement, and the screen doesn’t really differ in size compared to the present LG G4.
It is equally bigger than as well as coming at a greater cost than the G4, and then the $699 ($249 with contract) price thrusts it into comparison with some very enhanced phones like the Galaxy S6 and Note family even the iPhone 6s as well as 6s Plus. Having mentioned this, I will put in that the camera is really wonderful, pitting itself in close contest with the LG G4 as well as the Samsung Galaxy S6/Note 5 family.

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