5 things sure to make you fall in love with Android’s new operating system: Android Nougat

Android 7.0 Nougat can be said to be Google’s unique approach to refining the existing, but this time Google is rolling in some very vital features; beefing up an operating system we were almost content with.

5 things sure to make you fall in love with Android's new operating system: Android Nougat

Right from the time of Android 5.0, we have been amazed spectators to the process of Google shifting their design language on the phones whose sales they make themselves as well as the services and the apps presented on your phone. Android itself maintained this prevailing culture, we saw Marshmallow rocking flat yet indisputably bold design that connects everything together.

Although this new Android Nougat doesn’t bring much significant changes to appearance of phone or even its feel. Yet the nourishment Google presents with this new OS is well reflected in the innovative features to the preferred operating system of our smartphones.

1. Updates are much easier and faster.

One of first things to really trip you in this Android Nougat is the lovely reality that this new operating system updates much easier and faster.

Okay, when times ticks for your phone or tablet to get updated, there is almost no task for you. In course of going through the things you regularly do with your phone, all the stressful work is performed in the background — this resembles the upgrade sensation we enjoy on Chrome OS. The singular action you need to take is simply restarting your phone to round things up.

Here is Google’s precise explanation about how the update experience will look like:

Android Nougat also adds some important new features to help keep users safer and more secure. Inspired by how Chromebooks apply updates, we’re introducing seamless updates, so that new Android devices built on Nougat can install system updates in the background. This means that the next time a user powers up their device, new devices can automatically and seamlessly switch into the new updated system image.

Improvement on what is termed the run-time compiler implies that you will not have to exercise patience waiting that long while all your apps are being optimized once you do restart — you will agree with me that we all have been at one time bored to death simply watching an “Optimizing …” screen for over half an hour following an OTA update.

2. Another major improvement that will trip you is that the Android Nougat saves battery a lot

Google’s “Project Doze” — being its code name for means to have your phone exhaust less battery for the time it is not in your hands with the screen on. This mechanism had its debut on the Marshmallow, but has now gotten more mature with a juicy update in this Android Nougat. By its pervious operation, it was quite great when the phone was sitting still and not plugged in. But with this upgrade in OS, it works well even when in your pocket. The means by which it performs this has not really changed much; the moment your phone’s screen has been off for some time, it ceases to do things in the background every time. Rather it makes use of what Google terms “windows” to detect new messages or even perform tasks like updating your location.

3. One lovely addition of this Android Nougat is it helps manage your memory

More improved means to managing memory and the time (even how) apps can run in the background (Google’s “Project Svelte”) implies that you will not have your hands burdened with as much needless stuff running when you actually not anticipating their occurence. By giving rom to things that you actually find useful running, the performance of your phone will is enhanced also saving your battery.

4.It is amazing how the Nougat uses less mobile data

You will agree with me that excessive charges from your phone company is one big headache. But when you have the Android Nougat new tools, you can avoid this excessive data charges.

When particularly you are using a measured connection or limited data like the data bundles we purchase from our network providers— the new Data Saver setting has the capacity of blocking background random data usage as well as restricting stuffs like checking for emails on tweets. This way your phone makes use of a lesser amount of data.

It is possible to instruct Data Saver to ignore some specific apps, and for the time it is active, you can tell from an icon in your notifications keeping you with what is up.

5.Lastly Android N brings a more delicious list of human emoji

Other than the 72 new glyphs, Android 7.0 has added over 1,500 emoji. A major fraction of this addition have been well improved to resemble humans more. By tradition, Android emoji have tends to be more of the cartoon character, which has actually promoted other manufacturers including LG and Samsung actually write theirs. So this is such a welcome move.

5 things sure to make you fall in love with Android's new operating system: Android Nougat

Truth be said, the Android Nougat is one of the tastiest operating systems you can get now!

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