5 Hottest Fitness Gadgets Around Right Now

Fitness tech advances with each New Year, sophisticated gadgets that help manage body fitness are created and improvements are made on already existing designs. While some of these gadgets are more fashionable than functional, a number of them have merged aesthetics with functionality, making them the hottest fitness gadgets around.Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 online hotel booking portal, has picked out 5 fitness gadgets that are the hottest at the moment.

Nike Fuelband SE


One of the most attractive and intuitive fitness trackers on the market, The Nike Fuelband SE edition is the best one yet.  Along with a sporty and solid design, it includes features such as: Bluetooth LE for constant syncing with your iPhone, ‘Session’ markers, limited sleep tracking, Display for time, steps, calories burned, and “fuel” on band. The band is very functional, hip , comfy and has earned a throng of fans. Although it lacks Android compatibility, It is not a complex gadget.

Jawbone UP3Jawbone-UP3-Family-1

The ultimate ‘lifestyle’ fitness gadget, Jawbone UP3 is an activity tracker, fitness tracker and heart health monitor. The gadget blends good looks with genuine functionality. It has sensors that are capable of recording a wealth of data, including perspiration, body mass index, hydration and your breathing. While is does not have wireless syncing, it is splash-proof and very easy to use.

Withings Smart Body Scale


This product shows how outdated the standard bathroom scale has become. The withings Smart Body Scale is Wi-Fi connected scale that keeps accurate track of your weight, body fat weight, but also body fat percentage, heart rate, air quality, temperature and then send it all to a personal online account via Wi-Fi ,so you can easily monitor progress over time . Although it is a bit pricey for a bathroom scale, it has a Sharp and modern design, in addition to comprehensive web, Android, and iOS app interfaces. The gadget is perfect for health conscious individuals.

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless 


The Jabra Sport is a wireless Bluetooth headphone that functions as a fitness tracker, commuting headphones and personal coach. The gadget comes with a built-in biometric heart rate monitor that tracks and evaluates your workout. It is a secure, comfortable fit, and is water, shock, and dust resistant. The headphones are quite simply the ultimate home gym solution. As it lets you evaluate exactly how your workouts are affecting you. It will be most valuable to those training for a marathon or other high-intensity activity.

FINIS SwiMP3 Waterproof Headphones


This gadget transmits music through your cheekbones through the process of induction. It uses bone conduction technology rather than standard headphone drivers, to get the sound into your brain. The technology which uses underwater tunage offers a practical and convenient way to listen to your music while swimming. They fasten securely to your goggles and offer sound. It’s one of the only pair of headphones you can wear in the pool.


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