5 best cities in northern Nigeria

Despite the violence and destruction of property that is almost synonymous with northern states in Nigeria, some states in the north still get a few visitors now and again and the major reason for this, I believe, is because northern states are rich in tourism. Below are some of these great cities



One of the best cities you would find in the northern part of Nigeria is Kano State. It is in ranking the second city in terms of big cities in the whole of Nigeria and the city is called the “Centre of Commerce”. Now that is not just title, when it comes to commerce, Kano is one city that happens to be a major centre. The state was named after a well-known monarch of the state. From Kano, you can travel by road to other countries in Africa such as Cameroon, Niger, Chad, and Benin Republic. The international airport in the city is also named after Mallam Aminu Kano.

Talk about tourism, there is a museum in Kano which is known by the name Gidan Makam museum, a zoo that is known as Audo Bako Zoo. There are luxury 5-star hotels within the state where you can visit either for business or leisure.


Kaduna is another city in the northern part of Nigeria that you ought to visit. It is not that far from the city of Kano, in fact, the distance between Kaduna and Kano will only take up an hour. Kaduna is dubbed the “Crocodile City” and is like Kano rich in culture and tourism. It is located in the high plains of Nigeria and it is has a Sudan savannah vegetation featuring short trees, shrubs and grasses. According to the Gbayi people, the city gets its name from a tale that is connected to an Hausa word called “Kada” which means crocodile. It was Lord Fredrick Lugard and his associates that named the city, Kaduna.

Kaduna is a centre of industry in the northern part of Nigeria and the city is known for its manufacture of textile materials, machinery, steel products, petroleum products and bearings. Kaduna is also very high in pottery making coming from the Nok culture.

Apart from culture, tourism and industry, Kaduna is very big on education, home to one of the best universities in the country (ABU Zaria).


The city of Jos is a very special city in Nigeria because of the weather condition in the city. Jos is one major city in Nigeria that is known to have a harsh weather condition – when the weather is dry and sunny, the heat is unbearable especially for people who are not used to that kind of weather condition, and when the weather becomes cold, better put on your jackets and cardigans because sweaters alone will not be sufficient to protect you from the cold.

However, the city is full of life, there are a lot of shopping centres, restaurants, and hotels that offer the best customer services. The city has produced a lot of dignified personalities in the country, for example, football star Mikel Obi was based in Jos and a lot of Nigeria’s music stars have also emerged from Jos such as P Square, M.I Abaga, Brymo, and Jesse Jagz.

Some of the places you should look forward to visiting in Jos include Jos Wildlife Park, Jos Museum, Jos Stadium, and Jos Golf Course.


Another really great city to visit in the northern part of Nigeria is Lokoja (the capital city of Kogi State). Lokoja is located at the area where River Niger and River Benue meet. Though it is in the north, not only Hausa people have created a habitat for themselves in the city, there are also Yoruba people, Igbo people, the Nupe, Igala people, and Ebira living in Lokoja.

Because Lokoja is a city that has multiple cultures within its borders, there are a lot of carnivals, occasions, and cultural activities that are held by the people from the various ethnic groups. Among these are the Agbo masquerade festival, the Oro/Egungun festival, and the Donkwo fishing festival.

In Lokoja, you can pay a visit to the Lokoja confluence, the Lord Lugard’s Residence and Office, the Late Atta of Ebira Palace, the Lokoja confluence stadium, and the confluence between the Rivers Niger and Benue.


One more really amazing city to visit in the northern part of Nigeria is Makurdi. Makurdi is the capital city of Benue State in North-West Nigeria. The state is dubbed “The food basket of the nation”. The state of Benue does take after its name and produces are variety of food items. The people of Benue state thrive in agriculture.

The city of Makurdi is located on the banks of the River Benue. As a result, a train ferry was what was used to cross the River Benue until a road-rail was built in the year 1932. Makurdi is a port where goods like cotton which are grown within the city are shipped to Lokoja.

Makurdi features a lot of attraction sites and places, restaurants, and hotels like the Smart View Hotel, Donny Suites, Airborne Guest Inn and Gardens, and much more.

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