You will no longer be able to install Netflix on rooted devices from the Play Store

For many of us backdoor guys, there is nothing like tailoring operating systems to our personal taste. That is why we can be very ecstatic going the length to root our phones. Some of us would have possibly loved rooting the ancient Nokia 3310 to an android phone. Not too ambitious though.

There is quite some bad news for us rooting folks though as it seems the Netflix app for Android will no longer be able to install on rooted devices from the Play Store.

Commencing from the version 5.0, if you happen to be using a rooted Android device, there is no other avenue for you than locate alternative means to getting the Netflix app on your phone. If you happen to be those to be among who before now have installed the Netflix app on your rooted Android phone, for the time being you will still be able to use it.

Going by directions Netflix is taking, the new app runs Widevine DRM. This program is very peculiar to Google as it basically runs on devices only with Google certification. Of late we had the release of the version 5.0 from Netflix on the Play Store. One of the principal things this version added was bringing on Dolby Vision and HDR. It was only the LG G6 that boasts support for this previously.

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