10 Things to Love About Xiaomi Smart Phones and Devices

Except you have been living under a giant rock, you must have heard about Xiaomi mobile gadgets! It is one of the best brands for mobile gadgets and the go-to guy for affordable devices that can compete favorably with world’s best flagships.

  Mr. Jun Lei teamed up with a group of 9 other tech giants and founded Xiaomi Inc. in April 2011. The brand released its first ever mobile device in August, 2011, the device was a smartphone and it was called the Xiaomi M1.

This smartphone was launched with the most-wanted Android features and soon became one of the fan’s favorite as it lets you enjoy top features for less.  At a time, they were nicknamed the – “Apple of China” as a result of their product’s features, specs and designs. 

So far, Xiaomi smart phones and devices have stood the test of time and here are few things we love about their cell phones. 

Top-Notched Hardware

Xiaomi smart phones and devices are sturdy. The hardware, Firmware, Chips and overall built is nothing else but premium.

My own experience while trying to jailbreak my Redmi 3s device using one of these popular root w/o computer apps proved to the top-notched security architecture that comes with Xiaomi devices.

They are one of the top Chinese OEM to adopt Snapdragon processors as opposed to MediaTeK (MTK) that powers more than 85% of less-known Chinese brands.  Their latest flagship boasts of QUALCOMM 820 snapdragon chipset, which is great for gaming and multi-tasking. 

Metal Body Build

Xiaomi smartphones always has this incredible sturdy design which makes the device look so much attractive to the eye. They come in Full Metal-Body architecture. Mostly sleek and slender bodied.

The overall design and aesthetics of Xiaomi smartphones and devices supersedes most devices of its price range from other cell phone manufactures. 


This is a ROM skin based special User Interface buried in Xiaomi smartphones. It combines the best features of Android and iOS into one.

It is extremely fast and come with a strong security App by default which lets you control/configure your privacy and that of other apps. 

Removable/No Bloatware

Bloatware are those apps that come pre-installed on newly purchased devices. They are normally factory-installed by the manufactures with little/no user control access.

Xiaomi smart phones and devices are usually shipped without these annoying bloatwares.  The few handy preinstalled apps are the basic apps we need in our smartphone, such as Browser, Notes, Music player et al.

Fingerprint Scanner

This brings more security to your device and also eases up some certain operations. E.g.: you can take photos by placing your hand on the fingerprint scanner instead of locating the capture icon on your screen.

Fingerprint scanner has become one of the features people consider first before buying a smartphone. Xiaomi devices are shipped with responsive fingerprint scanner that makes secured shopping and parental control fun, easy and completely seamless. 

Quality Camera and Lenses

Good camera quality is one of the major bragging point of Xiaomi smart phone and devices. Even the lowly priced device among its rank boasts of really awesome camera and lenses.


With Xiaomi MiUI 8 and above, you can customize your home screen and overall device look and feel to your personal preferences. 

Iris Scanner

Xiaomi latest devices come with the Iris scanner technology. This is in a bid to provide additional security architecture to your favorite brand.

Huge Battery Specs

Good battery life is synonymous with Xiaomi smart phones and devices. This is because their devices are packed with high capacity batteries for optimal performance.  


Price Vs feature for Xiaomi devices is second to no other. Even Huawei devices with similar specs/features as Xiaomi cost more.

Xiaomi mobile brand is loved and cheered by Android fans for making their devices affordable without compromising on build quality and hardware features.


Xiaomi phones are great for all classes of users. One can hardly go wrong with an Original Xiaomi smart phone, power bank, wrist band, and smart shoes and sundry.

There are some more good reasons to choose a Xiaomi smart phone other than these. We’d love to hear them in comments.  

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