Hands-on Review for The Infinix Hot 2 X510

It was well popular in the tech community that the Infinix Hot X507 can be said to be one of the most sold smartphone this 2015 since it touched the market in December 2104 but then little did we know that this was just a slice of the main dish to come. The Infinix Mobility has again bombarded the market with an Upgraded model: The Infinix Hot2 X510! This new and sweet bomb is also known as #TheHOTtest One. A baffling wondrous new approach being the first to enter our dear land with Android One!


If you don’t know much about the android one; now here is a brief on it. Android One is a line of consumer electronic devices that work on the Android Operating System. It was launched back in 2014. The android one is a standard produced by Google for Android systems, having majorly in mind people buying their first smartphone. The Android one will present the Latest Android OS version with the ability to be compatible operating software which are familiar to stock Android. The Android One also presents specifications, which must be Google certified without affecting the convenience of the price.


So working on thousands of the feedback gathered from users who had used its ancestor: the Infinix Hot,the Infinix Hot 2 was born.

The smartphone has 2 variants, a 2GB RAM and 1GB RAM both accompany the 16ROM. Getting my hands on the device, I had no other choice but to admire the smoothness of the body with amazing glossy with sweet nice curved edges, in addition to this, another thing that caught my eye is that the smartphone’s LCD display which comes fully protected with a Dragontrail X glass perfectly making it anti-scratch and scruff.


At the launch event we were informed that the smartphone will feature:

Offline Maps – Bits of Google Maps will be saved so that it is still accessible when you go offline. This I found true and really commendable.

YouTube Offline – This was debuted back in 2014 in India, and now we have it in the Infinix Hot2 in Nigeria. This YouTube offline feature enable users to save videos which they could play offline for an interval of 48 hours after saving. I must add that I appreciated this feature and I really enjoyed the videos offline well for 2 days.

Streamline Search – with this feature, search was faster than it used to be and when I checked my data balance, I saw that it was not consuming data as the normal search does. Analyzing this amazing treat further, I discovered that the engine will first detect the connection strength first and then send a smaller portion of data to the user’s device.

Now going further to the specifications as I saw it.

DISPLAY AND SIZE – I really like the display. It was a 5 Inches LCD display, 720 x 1280 pixels, 320 ppi. This is just wonderful and perfect and I found it hard to believe it could come this cheap.


MEMORY – As I told you the Hot2 has two variants. I was opportune to look at both. I saw that the First Variant had a 1GB RAM with 16GB ROM while the second variant had a 2GB RAM with 16GB ROM. I was told if I choose to I could expand both upon 32GB through Memory card slot)


CAMERAS – I found that the camera had an 8MP Camera, 2MP Front cam  and the LED flash there was a big extra spice.

OPERATING SYSTEM – Analyzing the operating system I could see that the Infinix Hot2 runs on an Android 5.1, Lollipop.


NETWORK – I saw that it had two sims. For the network signal,the EDGE and could run up to 236.8 kbps while I saw when I tried browsing that the 3G could run up to 20.2 mbps downlink and then up to 5.65 Mbps uplink for very fast browsing.

BATTERY – You can remove the battery. It was a 2200 mAh Li-Ion (Lithium Ion).

infinix hot 2 backinfinix-hot-2-battery

PROCESSOR -The processor of the Infinix Hot2 had a Mediatek 1.3GHz Quad-Core Processor – Cortex-A53 -CPU; from my experience that was a 4-in-1 engine.

If you check JUmia for this product, you will see the 2GB Variant for N19,500 on JUMIA while when I went on KONGA , I saw the 2GB Variant for N22,500.

In all, I must admit I was impressed, and so far I have not really seen most of those issues that I experienced with Infinix Hot. I wish you the best of fun with this device. I’m also getting 1gb of data for N500.

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  1. well am trying to make use of my internal storage on my infinix hot2 but having issues changing the storage mode…i cant do anything without my sd card in it..so wats d point of the 16gb??? Please help

  2. Hello, thank you for this platform. Am experiencing quite some issues with my hot 2.
    1. it hangs after phone calls
    2. just noticed its telling me to mount my sd card. can’t take or view pictures because of this. I never fixed Sd card on it. can’t access my pictures now

  3. Everyone keep commenting rubbish… False accusations… Infinix hot 2 is a very gud mobile Fone …at its price …

  4. Seun, pls tell me how to make use of my redundant internal memory of my hot 2. I want to move some of my files from the removable card to the internal memory. Thanks

  5. The phone is not good at all. If you ever buy this phone? U will regret. I still av about 9gb free internal storage, n it’s telling me to mount sad card, I can’t even screenshot. It’s telling me to exit sub external storage mode. Abeg, if you know how to fix this problem pls email me

  6. Please I just bought this phone and after 2day my camera doesn’t open again it keeps saying insert sd card….I got the 2g ram variant that is 16g internal memory..This should be enough for me without using a memory card..also my xender don’t work nomore.the same insert sd issue

  7. okay, thank u so much mr Olu, ur work is very very commendable!!!!!!

  8. Thanks Olu. One more thing pls. Does the icons intrude r rather show while washing movie, playing games like fifa, surfing the internet via opera or google chrome, playing google+, facebooking, instagramming and co? And again, does it support notification light and fast charging?

    • @+lovely, The icons will become invincible when you start watching film. They will become vincible when you touch the icon area. There is a notification light that shows at the very top of the phone. The charger that came with the phone is superb. It’s so fast that you will see the time it will take your battery to reach 100%.

  9. bros, thanks for ur review, am greatful u decided to share your knowledge. I wanna correct u on d error that the battery aint removable according to ur review while ur image of the phone’s back cover removed showed a phone without battery and the battery terminals were visible enough and the second image beneath it with d battery resting on ur laptop’skeyboard area simply proves that the phone’s battery is removable, thank u.

    Now, assist me further please….. Whats the experience of having all the option button, home key and the back button all on the phone’s main screen like? Talk to me soon pls… Am desperate. Elaborate it well pls with pictures possibly. Thanks.

    • @+lovely, it was a mistake. Wanted to write ‘can’ and not ‘can’t’. Regarding the option,home and back buttons, they are normal. But they are not inscribed on/beneath the screen. Just love them ‘cos they are only visible when the phone is being used.

  10. I just need to have ds infinix Hot2. I hv got just 20k. Pls wia can I get one for ds amount

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