Airtel Nigeria Updated BlackBerry Subscription Plans & Activation Codes

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Airtel have many Blackberry plans to enable BB users enjoy their devices. Depending on what you have in your pocket, there is daily, weekly and monthly plans. You can choose between the BlackBerry Complete/BlackBerry Social plans depending on your needs.

Airtel BlackBerry Subscription Plans and Prices

The BlackBerry complete plan enable users have access to BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), BlackBerry Email and Instant Messaging with Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger. Included is full access to browse the internet, BlackBerry App World, Social Networking such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace and one Web-based Email Account such as Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail. While the BlackBerry social plan as it name implies is for users who wish to socialize and be connected to Facebook and Twitter, and also browse the internet. With BlackBerry social plan, users can also get BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), BlackBerry Email, BlackBerry App World and Instant Messaging.

Validity Period
USSD Activation
SMS Activation
30 days
1 week
24 hours
30 days
1 week
24 hours
To check status
Send status to 440

Note that Airtel BB plans have data caps. The monthly package (i.e #1,200 & #1,400 for social and complete plan respectively) data size awarded is 1GB. The weekly plans that cost #400 (for both social and complete plan) possesses a data size of 100MB. While the daily plan which cost #100 is around 10MB.

Airtel recently launch the Unlimited Blackberry plans, below are the activation codes and pricing.

Bundle Description Price Subscription code
1 Month Unlimited  BB 1500 *440*16#
1 Week Unlimited BB 400 *440*17#
1 Day Unlimited BB 100 *440*18#

Although the UNLIMITED plans still have data caps, but fair usage policies apply- meaning that you will still have access to the internet when you exceed the limit but at a slow pace.

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227 Responses to “Airtel Nigeria Updated BlackBerry Subscription Plans & Activation Codes”

  1. Awujoola Ebunoluwa says:

    pls I subscribed 1k bb complete data plan yesterday but is not working for my Facebook account nd am using infinix phone.

  2. solomon says:

    I can’t watch u tube, with my bb torch, I subcripe for one month unlimited data plan, pls help me.

  3. Chinedu says:

    Pls does Airtel BlackBerry complete month work on android? I mean the one with *440*1#

    1. @Chinedu, yes it will work.

  4. r2beats daniel Godwin says:

    it is good and interest

  5. raj says:

    Will dis plan work for all android fones?

    1. @raj, yes it will work.

  6. gabriconite says:

    pls how can I subscribe to bbm unlimited with my ITEL android bcos I have been trying it but not working.

    1. @gabriconite, what came up?

  7. Cosmos says:

    Thank you Segun for the information. Plz I don’t understand what u mean by 100 card after u must have subscribed with 1500 bb unlimited subscription.

    1. @Cosmos, ignore the step with N100. The N1,500 plan should start working immediately after subscribing.

  8. Dharvido says:

    Does the airtel 2gb still work

    1. @Dharvido, yes the stuff still works.

  9. Dennis says:

    Please what plan can i use on bb10, i mean airtel plan?

    1. @Dennis, any of the plans above will work on BB10.

  10. salman m Yasir says:

    U are here saying 1,400, whil mtn is 1000 nira only and it’s on limited.

  11. joseph says:

    wat a nice tip

  12. Wale says:

    At the poster, may God almighty grant you more and more knowledge as givers never lack. God bless you my brother……
    @boss and Oloye: Your write up is to poor for understanding (Spelling error and construction too bad)
    I guess it you( BOSS and OLOYE) that have to make adjustment here… If you are addressing the network providers, kindly state your points clearly.

    1. Wale says:

      @OLOYE, your point is still bit clearer….

  13. victor says:

    Can you please confirm if mtn has stopped their 1day/1week/1month of 2gb data. Cos mine just finished after subscribing.

    1. @Victor which MTN data plan?

  14. boss says:

    Rubbish mtn 1day is 2gb υr data is whack joor adjust nd̶̲̥̅̊
    ѕєє customers

  15. oloye victor says:

    Yin really love you guys service but still yous fucked up some time, so re adjust your self just like ETISALAT.ok?!

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