Airtel Nigeria Updated BlackBerry Subscription Plans & Activation Codes

Airtel have many Blackberry plans to enable BB users enjoy their devices. Depending on what you have in your pocket, there is daily, weekly and monthly plans. You can choose between the BlackBerry Complete/BlackBerry Social plans depending on your needs.

Airtel BlackBerry Subscription Plans and Prices

The BlackBerry complete plan enable users have access to BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), BlackBerry Email and Instant Messaging with Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger. Included is full access to browse the internet, BlackBerry App World, Social Networking such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace and one Web-based Email Account such as Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail. While the BlackBerry social plan as it name implies is for users who wish to socialize and be connected to Facebook and Twitter, and also browse the internet. With BlackBerry social plan, users can also get BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), BlackBerry Email, BlackBerry App World and Instant Messaging.

Validity Period
USSD Activation
SMS Activation
30 days
1 week
24 hours
30 days
1 week
24 hours
To check status
Send status to 440

Note that Airtel BB plans have data caps. The monthly package (i.e #1,200 & #1,400 for social and complete plan respectively) data size awarded is 1GB. The weekly plans that cost #400 (for both social and complete plan) possesses a data size of 100MB. While the daily plan which cost #100 is around 10MB.

Airtel recently launch the Unlimited Blackberry plans, below are the activation codes and pricing.

Bundle Description Price Subscription code
1 Month Unlimited (2GB) BB 1500 *440*16#
1 Week Unlimited BB 400 *440*17#
1 Day Unlimited BB 100 *440*18#

Although the UNLIMITED plans still have data caps, but fair usage policies apply- meaning that you will still have access to the internet when you exceed the limit but at a slow pace.

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  1. Youngpres says:

    i jst subscribd wit 1500 naira 4 2gb 1 month unlimited bb plan 4 airtel bt i rceivd 1537mb instead of 2gb, wot do i do?

    • @Youngpres, it’s ok. You’re even lucky to have that. However, once Airtel is done with the upgrading, everything should be back to normal.

  2. Airtel are really vexin me at d moment…!!!!! I subscribed twice in April, I did the AIRTEL 2gig plan,I Dnt knw Hw to say dis BT I really nid ur help, d plan no longer last for a week…..can u imagine I subscribed on Sunday ,I was given 1.5gig, i dint complain…..BT getting to Monday which is today, my mega bite is 736mb, ever since Ve been usin android fine, et has always been the AIRTEL 2gig plan and Ve never switch of ma data network for once,I mid a better data plan plxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I beg u, if nat, em done with android…!!!!!!

    • @opia, virtually all airtel subscribers are experiencing this at the moment. I learnt airtel is working to stabilize the crazy data consumption.

  3. ATORMICK says:

    Mtn data plan on android…itel android

  4. plz i need help seriouslly yesterday i subcribe the airtel one day plan and instead of 80mb i was given 40mb ,i tryed it using my two aitel sim it was same 40mb and morover ,my friend using same aitel if he subcribe a day plan his 80mb always last for 1 to 2 week why and whatx the solution plz …????

  5. please is the *440 *16# for 2g still working for android phones

  6. I have subscribe my Android phone wid *440*16# instead of showing me 2gb it is showing me 10mb

  7. my techno m3 browse very slow using coweek AirteL sub with apn pls any better APN to make it faster. tnx

  8. Pls, what is d mb associated with d #1200 bb data plan?

  9. just to know how to unlock my airtel modem…

  10. Gd mrng segun, pls assist, I’ve bn using d airtel unlimited BIS plan ie *440*16# for sometime now and it has worked perfectly. However, airtel sent me a message that to check my balance I should use *123*9# and no longer *141*712*0#. Suddenly my 2G data runs out in one week with no heavy usage. My wife’s own which we bought months back is still intact and she watches more videos than I do. What can I do? Pls help

    • @mexys, Airtel is currently upgrading its network. That has happened to nearly all Airtel subscribers that subscribed during the upgrading period. They should be back to their normal condition very soon.

  11. Dominion says:

    Am using Techno Phantom, I just recharged with *440*4# for #1,200, then to check my balance using *123*10#, I was told that I have 0.00 mg balance, what do I do sir?



  13. I subscribed with 1,500. Code*440*16# what I got is unlimited and at the same time I still subscribed with *141*712*11# after that I got 10 MB then started using it with my model after 1 hour I found out that the 10 MB has finished and my Internet also stop working and when I check my data balance with 100. code *141*712*0# it said I do not have any data plan pls I need ur help

  14. hi there. i’m upset by airtel right now. i just bought and register a new sim, loaded 1200, got d bonus and do the BSM thing. but suddenly the whole money disappeared, including the bonus, and was given just 10MB that will expire in the next seven days. i dont know whatta do right now, but i swear i can take airtel to court!!!

  15. plz I wnt to knw maybe d unlimited weekly data plan re still working 4 android nd nd d code sir

    • @olamide, you may try your luck, because the unlimited plans have stopped working on some subscribers line. However, the social and complete plans are still ok.

  16. remedybaba says:

    is airtel bis still working on android

  17. Please I have an android phone (Techno) and I am on Airtel data… what is the code to renew my data plan? I want at least 2GB of data. thanks

  18. I subscribed to another Airtel plan while the Airtel BB unlimited plan was still on. but the plan I subscribed to halted the BB unlimited plan. I still have 1,651.54mb(checking with *223#), but 1,691.18mb(checking with *123*10#)
    I also tried the daily BB subscription and I notice it’s very very slow; I can’t use my Twitter & playstore apps.
    please, how do I get back to the monthly plan?

  19. chris paul says:

    can I use mtn bis plan on my techno,if yes,how.

  20. Will this unlimited work for my model if I use the code to activate it?

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