How to Insert Adsense Ad and Social Sharing Buttons Below Post Title on Blogger

Recently, I shared a post here on how I was able to increase my Google Adsense CTR (Click Through Rate) from 0.1% to 3-5% by Adding Google AdSense Ads Below Post Title. If you are a blogger and one of the means you use to monetize your blog is Adsense you need to put your ads where your blog visitors will be able to easily see it and click.


Today, I want to share another tutorial on how you can easily add Adsense code with social sharing button by it side as seen in the picture above. This will not only increase you earnings but it will make your blog look good and also increase your social engagement since your blog visitors will be able to share your post easily.

How to Add This Feature to Your Blog:

1. Go to create a new ad unit precisely a 300 x 250 or a 336 x 280 since they are the best ad to fit in.

2. After getting the code, copy the code and paste it into the generator below and then click on Generate button.

3. Now go to your blog Dashboard ==> Template

4. Copy and Paste the code in the CSS Section above ]]></b:skin> tag and the code in HTML Section  below <div class='post-header-line-1'/>   tag.

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  1. i can’t do it.I think some problem.please solve this.

  2., that method too will work.

    @Adnane El s, follow the explanation in the post carefully. You might be missing a code.

  3. it shows also in the home page ! 🙁 how can i solve that ? pleaaaaaase help

  4. OLUSEGUN… Thanks for this tutorial. This is what my site need. I have added it into my site.
    By the way…
    For HTML section, I didn't put in below <div class='post-header-line-1'/> but above <data:post.body/>

  5. @Chido Onumah, Give this Floating Vertical Share Bar a try.

  6. What of if you have share buttons already like in this;

  7. abdelkarim zanni says:

    @Olusegun Fapohunda

    Thank You Admin,

    finally i added it to my blog take a look Add Professional Social Subscription

    Happy Blogging.

  8. It’s always nice visiting your site.

  9. @Karim, make sure you tick Expand Widget box. But in case

    is not present in your blog, search for and then add the code above it.

  10. @Karim, make sure you tick Expand Widget box. But in case ;div class=’post-header-line-1’/> is not present in your blog, search for and then add the code above it.

  11. Hi dear

    I cant find this

    in my blog, would you help me please ?

    Thank you

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