JavaScript Popup Facebook Like Box Widget for Blogger

In recent times, I have written articles on how bloggers can get Facebook Pop Up Like Box and Static Facebook Pop Out Like Box widget to increase Facebook likes. But today, I want to share another JavaScript Popup Facebook Like Box that supports all browsers such as: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Mozilla, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and etc.


This is a good widget for bloggers that wish to increase their Facebook page like. This widget can be easily installed on any blogger blog via the generator below by following the processes out lined below.

Steps to Add Facebook JavaScript Popup to Blogger

==> Insert your Facebook fan page URL in the require space. E.g. ==> Customize the color you want to give to the widget ==> Click on “Generate” button when you’re done with the customization to enable “Preview” button. Click on “Preview” button to see a preview of how it will appear on your blog. ==> Finally click on “Add to Blogger” button to add the widget to your blog.

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  1. says:

    Not showing any code boss

  2. the content of the widget doesnot found/ it give empty contents…

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