Add Facebook Share Button With Counter to Blogger Blog

Adding a Facebook Share Count Button to Blogger make it easy for your blog readers to share your blog content on their Facebook wall and this is a good means to increase your blog traffic.


This tutorial will show you how to add a Facebook Share counter Button to every post on your blogger blog. This counter will show the number of times a post is shared on a blog and it is a good way to know how popular a post is.

Instructions on How To Add Facebook Share Count Button to Blogger Blog

Below is a code generator form you need to generate the share count button you love to have on your blog. This code can be added to your blogger blog by following 4 simple steps:

1.    Choose the share pattern you love and customize it using the Generator form below.
2.    Go to Blogger Dashboard  >>> Template >>> Edit HTML
3.    Click on the Expand Widgets Templates to tick it and search for <data:post.body/> (use CTRL+F to locate it fast)
4.    Paste the copied code from the Generator form Before or after <data:post.body/> tag

Note that if the code is added before <data:post.body/> tag, it will appear at the top of the post and if it add after <data:post.body/> tag, it will appear at the bottom of the post

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have made a video about adding share buttons in blogger. Here it is –

  2. i tried the aboove steps sir fro my blogger…but not failed…..

  3. Thanks a lot for this brief tutorial, I have used it on my site at a blog WordPress , i really love it.

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  5. 21BoardMedia says:

    It helped just as I said but blocked all other facebook plugins from working, such as like button, find us on facebok…I definitely hope this query can be resolved. Thanks…21BoardMedia

  6. 21BoardMedia says:

    Hello…definitely will want the same if I’d helped someone out in one way or the other. Thanks…Your article did help…

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