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Before, whenever I want to get the HTML colour/color codes for my blog, I use to make use of Photoshop to generate the colour codes I want to use in customizing my templates and for my posts. But using that seems tedious for me.


Recently, I came across some tools that make my colour code generating easier. These tools can help generate the six digits Hexadecimal Value (the most common method for the web) which makes colour generation easier for me. Today, I want to place the tools here so that you can easily generate colours codes online. Make sure you read and follow the instructions of each tool before using it.

1st Tool: Colour Code Generator.

How to Use the Colour Code Generator Tool
1. Use the slider on the right to change the hue
2. Then click anywhere in the large square ( i.e. the Brightness/Saturation area) to pick a colour
3. Once you’re pleased with the colour, copy the hexadecimal value that contains 6 digits/letters in bold (e.g. #000000)

2nd Tool: Colour Scheme for Choosing Matching Colors.

How to Use the Colour Scheme Tool
Color scheme tool is use to get matching colours for your blog. Once you have generated your HEX colour value from the Color Code Generator tool above, copy and paste the HEX value without the # sign into the colour scheme tool form below and it will generate a matching colour scheme for you.

These tools credit goes to 2createawebsite

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  1. tirage du tarot says:

    amazing insight. Really enjoyed reading this blog.

    Keep up the good work and to everyone keep on learning!

  2. Rivado Shidou says:

    is there hex colour code generator offline other besides photoshop?

  3. salihu Abdulsalam says:

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