Legit Internet / Online Businesses For Smart Nigerians

With all the experiences I have had on the internet, I can say that there are some smart Nigerians that are making money at regular interval from various type of businesses online.
The types of businesses that can be done on the internet are countless, but only a few can be engage in by Nigerians because Nigerians are not allowed to partake in most internet businesses. But notwithstanding, there are still businesses that are legit that Nigerians can partake in.

After much research, I was able to figure out 14 authentic internet businesses that Nigerians can do online and get paid for it. The businesses are listed below. If you know any other businesses that can be done by Nigerians online and not listed, use the comment box below or better still, you can contact me.

1. Customized bulk sms
2. Google Adsense
3. Affiliate Marketing
4. Online Survey
5. Blogging
6. Website Design Services
7. Website Buying and Selling
8. Domain Name Buying and Selling
9. Article writing
10. Webhosting Services
11. Freelancing Services
12. Website Hosting Services
13. Forex Trading and Betting
14. Selling Own Product

The lists are endless. I shall be talking about some of these businesses in my next post and am sure before that end of this year some smart Nigerians will be making cool money online with these methods. My advice to all is that you should choose one out of these businesses and work on it till you get a good result out of it and if you are having any question; you can use the comment box below to ask.

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  1. @charles You can call me on 08167185330 so that we can talk better.

  2. Hello am Charles Toju a student of Niger Delta University.. I base in port harcourt, Rivers state, in Nigeria. I really like ur stuffs but.. Am Interested in doing some thing with you.. That is to buy your packages, the mode of payment is not favoured by me.. Can i see u in person.. MR Olusegun..

  3. @ Bunmi, I shall be writing on those topics very soon. Just make sure you visit this blog daily.

  4. so how do i go about it

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