YouTube to Introduce Paid Subscription

YouTube confirmed plans to offer a paid subscription service to its users..


Most of us love YouTube, its usefulness ranges from tutorials to just plain entertainment like music (thanks to the new YouTube updates) and the best part: It’s all for free! (Or is it?). Well YouTube has decided they’ve made these things free for far too long (even though they constantly plague us with ads), and they think the next best thing to do is make us pay to watch YouTube videos. These are their reasons for these “paid privileges” are listed below.

  1. To give us ad-free viewing experiences.
  2. Give YouTubers the ability to save YouTube videos to their phones.
  3. To generate more revenue for the “creators”.

The creators will have the ability to put their videos behind a wall of ads (said to be impenetrable) so if anyone doesn’t pay this “token fee” they won’t be able to watch some YouTube videos. YouTube says the revenue gotten from the revenue (which will be pooled collectively) will be split 45-55 and your share depends on how long your YouTubers watch your videos; this means that small scale creators having a few hundred views don’t stand to gain a lot from this.

The best part of this is the fact that any creator who doesn’t consent to this will get his videos tagged “private”; so what happens to all those hours put into video production? Well you’re going to have to appreciate the beauty and quality of your 4K videos all by yourself.

Though this is a rumor for now, all indications point to the fact that “paying to YouTube” (pun intended) might be a thing in the nearest future. So what are we YouTubers to do when we can’t watch the next Google I/O without paying for it? Let’s wait till then.

Below is a snip of the newsletter mailed to these creators (in case you’re wondering what it means; it simply means those who make YouTube videos).

Click on the image to view a larger version:

Youtube paid subscription newsletter

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