Facebook is reportedly working on a ‘Your Time on Facebook’ feature

Of recent, Apple displayed its soon to arrive iOS 12 at WWDC. This new OS came with a spectacular feature called on time with the ability to track the running time of an app on a device as regards the amount of time spent by the user on that particular app. This feature which was just recently introduced was done for the benefit of those who do not have the ability to stay off their smartphones or social media.  Also embedded in the feature is an ability to supervise the activity of any app and also to set time limits for any particular app so as to reduce the desire to want to use your device.

And now, this feature has arrived to Facebook and on the social media platform, it is called ‘Your Time on Facebook’. An engineer by the name of Jane Manchun Wong, was the first to spot out this feature. This was the same person who disclosed that a few new features were added to Instagram.

According to her report, this feature is already being tested by Facebook and it is aimed at aiding individuals in the management of their time on the social media platform. This feature was revealed by the engineer on her tweet and also on her tweet she pointed out that Instagram is also helping its users to manage the time they spend on the Instagram app and as we all know; Instagram so happens to be owned by Facebook.

The time recording feature displays the time spent on Facebook for every day and then sums it all up for the entire week so the user can have an idea, the amount of time he/she uses up within a week. On this note, the user can then choose to set a time limit and attend properly to notifications.

In the words of Facebook, “We’re always working on new ways to help make sure people’s time on Facebook is time well spent.”

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