QuickLook for Windows 10 comes with a Mac feature to PCs

For those who are users of the Apple Macintosh, there’s a huge chance that you are already aware that when you hit the space bar, you will get a quick preview of a particular file. This feature on most grounds will be argued to be really helpful. The only problem is that Microsoft didn’t have this feature. But now, on the Windows 10, there’s a new app in the Microsoft Store that provides a way to get this macOS feature on a PC. The Microsoft QuickLook functions in the exact same way as its name carries, meaning that it gives an individual the ability to preview a lot of different files right there from within the File Explorer.

The Microsoft QuickLook operates in the exact same manner as the macOS Quick Look feature, and you can hit enter to open in the default app if you wish or select another app that you would prefer to open the file in. the main hack when it comes to this feature is that there are not too many options with which users can customize the app in a way they would prefer or want to, however, it also supports the use of ctrl + mouse wheel to zoom in on documents and PDF files and when you decide, you can close the preview by hitting the escape button on the keyboard or move to the next or previous document by hitting up or down keys respectively. It has no problem working with most of the files you just want to preview, however, as far as GIFs are concerned, it will take a bit of time, a few seconds maybe.

There is another app called Seer which has the same functions as QuickLook and is available for Windows, but the features embedded in QuickLook as well as its UI is more enjoyable. Also, the QuickLook is updated regularly on the Microsoft Store where the app can be downloaded from.

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