Wikipedia Now Available as a Printed Book

The edition of the Wikipedia Encyclopedia has about 5 million articles and if we happen to imagine that someone takes upon himself the task of printing the entire Wikipedia into one single book, surely the printed version as a book is going to be about 2000+ volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica on a rough estimate.

Rob Matthews who happens to be a graphics design student from UK had converted 5000 pages of Wikipedia in 2012 into a printed book. This he had performed by downloading few hundred featured articles from Wikipedia and then attached all of them; bounding them together into one tangible book that was roughly 1’7” in thickness. His website Rob’s website has been occupied now by domain squatters but then the pictures of the Wikipedia survived it.

Wikipedia as a Printed Book

Wikipedia as a Printed Book

While Rob had restricted his version of the printed book to the featured articles, there was a more ambitious resemblance of his in the project of Michael Mandiberg’s team. The latter and his team are working on producing the whole English-language Wikipedia in print format. The work this time would now have an estimated 75000 volumes, each volume consisting of 700 pages with the soon possibility of ordering individual volumes from Lulu.

The project saw its launch at the Denny Gallery back in June at the Denny Gallery this month as visitors were entertained to the sight of seeing the process in which the Wikipedia pages were converted into digital books which as well as the uploading of these digital copies to Lulu. A Twitter bot @PrintedWikipedia will update when the book library had new volumes added to it.

Below are some of the pictures of the Printed Wikipedia credits to Wikimedia.

Wikipedia as a Printed Book 3 Wikipedia as a Printed Book 4 Wikipedia as a Printed Book 5

Print your own Wikipedia Book

Coming along with Wikipedia is a built-in book creator which would permit anyone even an unknown non-logged user to create ebooks coined from Wikipedia articles. You could also download these ebooks as PDF files or take the alternative of sending them to a print-on-demand service like PediaPress or Lulu as well as having a custom printed book formed from the Wikipedia pages you fancy most.


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