How to Add a Video as Facebook Profile Picture, An Upcoming Facebook Feature

Of late, Facebook has updated its iPhone app to bring in a new feature for profile pages which presents the functionality of adding a video as your profile picture, this development is fresh in the block. But how do you go about this, let us walk through the steps together.

With this function, users will be able to put a video up as their profile picture on Facebook. For now only iPad and iPhone users will enjoy this feature; yet it is not even all iPad or iPhone users but specifically only such category of users in California and the UK who will be able to access the update as at now. The feature will be presented to its global users in stages so you will have to continuously check when it is available for you soonest.

Step 1 of 5: How to make your profile picture a video on Facebook: What does it look like and who will see it?

Video as Facebook Profile Picture

You should not entertain concerns that your timeline is about to assume the form of moving profile pictures. It is only when you get to visit one’s profile that you will find out if they have put up a video as a profile picture or not.

Once the feature gets within your reach, you will discover that it will take just some very brief seconds more in the likeness of the ever-famous GIFs or even the Apple’s fresh hot Live Photos feature.

But before the feature gets to the country let us learn foremost beforehand how we could possibly add a video as your Facebook profile feature so as to get the dining table set to feast on the feature when it arrives.

Step 2 of 5: How to make your profile picture a video on Facebook: Capture a video

Video as Facebook Profile Picture 2

Immediately you get to your profile, you will see that your profile picture which is located at the middle of the screen having a flashing camera/video camera icon. Then you will now select either Take a New Profile Video’ or ‘Upload a Video or Photo.’

Step 3 of 5: How to make your profile picture a video on Facebook: Preview your video

Video as Facebook Profile Picture 3

If it is a new profile video you have chosen, you will be directed to the camera app on your iPhone. Clicking on the red button will initiate the recording process which will capture anything which appears on the screen after an initial three-second countdown. That video will then play on a loop so that you can preview before hand if it is up to taste as it is going to be on your homepage.

Step 4 of 5: How to make your profile picture a video on Facebook: Choose a thumbnail

Video as Facebook Profile Picture 4

Users will now have the option of selecting a thumbnail which will be used as the profile picture displayed on the News Feed and Timeline. The image displayed in this step is a light-up rubber duck as a sample profile video so we will now use a thumbnail of the duck when it is at its brightest.

Tap save, and then your video will become your latest profile picture. In an event of someone visiting your profile on their iOS device or preferably on their computer, what they will now see is a profile video.

Step 5 of 5: How to make your profile picture a video on Facebook: Upload a clip

Video as Facebook Profile Picture 5

If you choose to upload a video which you have beforehand designed as your Facebook profile it would not last more than seven seconds long in order to be carried out, just that added discomfort of editing it first.

Facebook hopefully will be having their hands and spanners on desk to solve and repair this.

As said very shortly this new Facebook features will be coming up shortly for Nigerians and a video of civilians paying ‘road-allowance’ to the police would be nice to start with as a profile video.

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