Users may get an official dark mode in a future update on Android

Enthusiastic users of Android who have been following a Google Issue Tracker thread which is seemingly vague from November last year are having a celebration for the achievement of a new development by Android which happens to be the thread in which a user asked about a dark mode to improve the life of batteries on Android phones with OLED screens, has been achieved.

The issue was marked “fixed,” and the employee of Google who had replied in the thread at the beginning said he would bring the feedback to the engineering team of Android. He also said that the “engineering team has added this feature,” adding a note about how “it will be available in a future Android release.” The change which users quite keenly responded to was observed by one of our sources which had provided a report about it earlier in the day, yesterday.

It still remains unclear when this dark mode will first be launched or if it will be made available in the Android P whose release is forthcoming and scheduled to be revealed at the Google I/O in May and will probably be released by fall. At the moment, Android already has somewhat of a dark mode on a low-key which till last October, was exclusively was available on the Pixel 2. It provides users ability to change from a light to dark theme based on the wallpaper of their phones, and according to our sources, it came to the original Pixel with Android 8.1.

It may be that Google will want to expand the feature to more phones in a future update of Android or, the company could be projecting to fine-tune it to work without it depending on the phone’s wallpaper. The other possibility therefore is that the dark mode is just a separate, top-level Android feature which will be coming to all phones at a certain point.

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