Two new phones soon to roll out from Alcatel

Last month, Alcatel released five new phones, it is announcing that it will soon release two new phones in the US: the Alcatel 1X and the Alcatel 3V. the Alcatel 1X is one of the first phones to run Android Go (Google’s new streamlined version of Android designed to perform better on low-end hardware).

The 1X will sell for under $100 which puts in the budget phone arena. At its cheap price, the phone is not missing out in a lot of modern features. it runs Android Orea, has a fingerprint sensor on the back, an aspect ratio of 18:9, a screen of 5.3 inches, a screen resolution of 960 x 480, though the screen feels as if it’s sunken from the glass.

According to the reports reaching us from our sources that had a good look and feel of the device, even though the phone wasn’t exactly impressive in any way, it is still noteworthy how much one can get at a low price. The question which is however inevitable and arouses wonder is, how much Android Go, and Google’s stripped-down Go apps, will be of help the people who buy this phone and extend the device’s life.

A release date has not been announced by Alcatel for the 1X but they said it would be arriving in “the coming months.” The same goes for the 3Y as stated by the company although a price was not set for the 3V. The best guess we have is that the 3V will be sold at around $200 since the European model sells for €180 which is about $221 USD currently. The 3V is a better phone in the contrast to the 1X with a good display for its price, it also dual rear cameras (very rare for a cheap phone). It will also be running the Android Oreo. Both of these phones (1X and 3V) will be unlocked GSM models to enable them work on AT&T and T-Mobile.

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