Twitter to Expand DM Character Limit From 140 to 10,000

Everyone wants to get better. Believe me, if you remain static, the world will evolve past you and in this fast Jet Age, you might be relegated back to the Stone Age. Business outfits are not left out. If there are 4 billion people on earth for instance and 99.99% of this people use Apple smartphones while the remaining 0.01% use Samsung. Apple wouldn’t mind still making plans to get that 0.01% customer capacity that belongs to Samsung- and add to their already existing 99.99%. Don’t call it covetousness, it is all the spirit of competition. This is understandable as everyone wants and believe his should be the best. This in a modern society wouldn’t bring unhealthy rivalry but would form the flames with which every concerned party cooks himself to make him more edible to his customer audience.

Twitter increases DM Limits

This is what Twitter understands and are adding more face powder to look more attractive; adding more features they believe would add some inches to their towering height in the social media. At least 2go became so ill in Nigeria because it didn’t take enough vaccination against market ailments like “customer monotony” (customers getting bored with a static unchanging product).

We should now start anticipating to receive Twitter direct messages that are quite longer than the conventional allowed length.

Twitter had announced that DMs will soon be capped at a longer length than the basic 140 characters. With the new development, they will now be capped at 10,000 characters.

Twitter’s Sachin Agarwal had revealed the information to developers ahead of the soon to be enacted change. According to plans on the desk of Twitter, they plan bring the DMs change to fruition so that it is available to users in July. As of now, there is no strict official date fixed for the change.

The move wouldn’t in anyway hamper Twitter’s design pattern of restricting tweets to 140 characters — only direct messages would enjoy the elongation in length. “It’s a beautiful constraint that has inspired a whole new form of writing,” Twitter investor Chris Sacca wrote in a lengthy blog post at the beginning of this month as regards what Twitter can roll out in improvement. Sacca didn’t include that he nurtured resentment for the 140-character cap on DMs, and that’s what will be improved.

In other social networks, like LinkedIn and Facebook, direct messages don’t have limits in their limits in their lengths. Yet Twitter’s seeming love for the 140-character limit dates as far back to those early days Twitter began, when Twitter had tweets sent in text messages.

Now those days are past and far gone, and Twitter surely has the capacity to evolve to with the needs of its users — as well as its investors.

So that now, you can disable the ability of people you are not following to send you these new, extra-long DMs. You could simply do this by unchecking the “Receive Direct Messages from anyone” box in the Security and privacy sections when you enter your Twitter’s settings.

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