Twitter launches Twitter Lite: amazing way for mobile users to save data

For us down here data is a big problem. The worst thing is to feel you are safe leaving your hotspot open unprotected in church, it will be righteously walloped. Well Twitter is making things up a bit by saving us some data when using Twitter on the mobile version.

Twitter has now launched data-saving edition of its mobile website. This is much faster. Well this follows earlier data minimization approaches from YouTube with YouTube Go and Facebook with Facebook Lite.

Via an announcement that Twitter released on its blog, Twitter recognizes that “45% of mobile connections are still on 2G”. This is a big reason why pursuing means to optimize browsing speed as well as make the mobile Twitter website very navigable- makes sense. Now with Twitter Lite, has an increased launching speed boosted up by 30% making it much more easier to walk through your timeline, DMs and your tweets. You stand to save even 40% of your data and when you click on Data saver, you stand to save about 70%.

In the case where you are using the most recent version of Google Chrome on Android OS, it will show you the option of adding a bookmark on your home screen which has the functioning of an app. It is also possible to use push notifications as well as alerts. Twitter Lite also brings in offline support when your connection in the situation where you connection is not strong enough.

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