Twitter for Android, getting its own emoji

There’s been a lot of questions going on about the situation surrounding Android emoji. A lot of people want to find out what has gone wrong and where it went wrong. In spite of the attempts that have been made by tech giant Google to make repairs and renovations to the software. The issue has become so critical to the extent that Twitter is working to update its Android app to come with a custom emoji since most Android phones are under no circumstance on the latest software release and as a result users do not see the same icons most of the time.

The issue is even more of a hack especially when users of iOS publish tweets using emojis that users of Android do not have and as a result a recipient of a message carrying that emoji sees rather than seeing the emoji, sees a box in the “before and after” shot. This only explains the gravity of the issue and how humiliating it is for Google mostly because Twitter had to do something about the matter in a bid to fix it.

According to the reports we got from our sources, it does not matter the kind of emoji that your device brings up, from Android KitKat, Lollipop, and even up to Nougat. Twitter has made it so that its messaging platform will override the device’s OS and offer the user with its own set of “Twemoji” – emoji designed by Twitter. This translates to the fact that irrespective of the software that your Android device is running, you are apt to see the same emoji within the Twitter app in your device as well as the Twitter app in the device of a friend or family member using a software higher or lower than yours.

In actuality, there is high probability that users may have seen these emoji versions before. The new Android Twemoji are the same ones that are available in the desktop version of the Twitter app. Therefore, it is likely that the experience will not be so different.

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