Twitter brings Night Mode feature to desktop

Twitter has introduced night mode for desktop. This feature is just making its debut on desktop despite being have already made its way to the iOS and Android platforms sometime back in 2016.

Night mode brings a beauty to your phone by the color collection. Especially with hyperlinks configured to display purple. Moreover corresponding with the basic intent of night mode, you don’t have to work out your eyes on Twitter when working with your computer deep into the night. Many of us have been enjoying Twitter night mode on the mobile version from our phones especially when browsing through our feeds on the couch. Talking about the convenience it gives our eyes.

Enabling the Twitter night mode on your computer is not any difficult either. If you want to enable it on desktop, click on your profile photo. From there you can select Night mode. The symbol for the night mode is the moon icon which obviously is the last option. So when you happen to activate night mode, it transforms the color property of the laptop screen from white to a cool navy blue mode with the moon icon all tidy up with blue. If you want to disable the night mode, all you have to do is click deselect again.

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