Tutorial: How You Can Disable the Fill Handle in Excel

Hey how well, do you use Excel? If you have observed, anytime you in your Excel worksheets put in some sequential values, the Fill Handle will relieve you of the time and supposed energy by at once filling cells with incremented values.

Well if you are not acquainted with the Fill Handle and it seems like some big word to you, let us explain it better to you here. You will see that in Microsoft Excel, a fill handle gives you the avenue use to fill, even extend series of dates (these could also be numbers) or even text to a selected count of cells. More particularly, in the active cell of the spreadsheet, you will see the fill handle in form of little black box appearing at the bottom right corner. So moving back to our tutorial proper, you get to see that sometimes, the fill handle is not that really smooth as to how it is working?

Now we will be looking at how you can disable the Fill Handle in Excel

Well by manner of default, we have the fill handle enabled; we will also be showing you the procedures of disabling it. You can also deploy these very instructions re-enabling it in the case you discovered it was mistakenly turned off.

So if you want either ways: enabling the fill handle or disabling it in Excel, you will begin by opening a fresh or existing workbook file after which you can click the “File” tab.

Now look at the backstage screen, there take by clicking “Options” in the series of items listed to the left.

After that, you can select “Advanced” in the collection of displayed items which you can see appearing on the left side of the Excel Options dialog box.

Alright, so if you choose to disable the fill handle, as well as the “Enable fill handle and cell drag-and-drop” box in the Editing section being checked, you will have to uncheck the box. In that case, you will have to re-check it so as to re-enable the fill handle.

So as not to be stuck in replacing existing data in cells which you are in the process of filling via the fill handle, you have to adequately ensure that you check the “Alert before overwriting cells” box. Well this should even be the default. You can choose to uncheck the box if you choose against seeing the warning dialog.

Next you will have to Click “OK” to give an approval of the changes, closing the Excel Options dialog box.

You must also ensure that the fill handle shows when you make selection over one cell (or even one cell as the case may be) even in the case where it is disabled.

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