Tutorial: How To Set Your Facebook Account to Remember You Upon Your Death

Those times after Barcelona wins Real Madrid over 3-0 and I’m lost in happiness, a fearful question creeps into me: can I still wear my Barcelona jersey in the afterlife, what will happen when I’m lodged six feet into the ground? And how will my Facebook account fare when I am gone?

So how can you set your Facebook Account to commemorate you when you are gone

This might sound weird right, but trust me preparing well ahead for this doesn’t mean you are negative or you fear death. No, not all. The reality is when you die, it is better leaving a legacy behind, and in a modern internet age, what online legacy are you leaving behind? How do you want your Facebook friends to remember you when you are gone? Not a fetched answer though. It is quite fortunate Facebook takes the stress off you by presenting you with two options: either you choose to delete your account upon your death, or preferably have it commemorate you.

So when you memorialize your account (that is set it to commemorate you), you will now trust someone to ensure your account is curated in your eternal absence.

So when you memorialize your account, it gives your friends as well as your family to once in a while assemble together and enjoy memories of you. Now this is how it works:

Your name will now be presented with the tag “Remembering” fixed closely to it.
And in the case your privacy settings allows it, friends will have the capacity of sharing memories on your Timeline.
This way anything you had shared in the time past will still be seen by the intended audience.

When you memorialize your profile, it will not show publicly in spots like advertisements or even birthday reminders or other segments like People You May Know suggestions.

This way no one will be able to log into your account as it will be basically locked.

So in the case where you are the single administrator of a page, it will be deleted in the instance where Facebook gets a validated request.

Now if you are serious about setting your account to memorialize you, it will be necessary you install someone as a “legacy contact”. This person can be a family member or even generally friend, so long you can trust them to carry out your instructions when you are gone.

So to go about setting a legacy contact, you will first have to open the Settings clicking on “Security” then “Legacy Contact”.

So how can you set your Facebook Account to commemorate you when you are gone

Alright, what you need now is say appoint a friend in the capacity of your legacy contact.

So how can you set your Facebook Account to commemorate you when you are gone

But be reminded that your legacy contact will be unable to assume these duties till they formally memorialize your account. Someone must request this for you when you are gone.

Facebook will ask for data like your name, the date of death, and sometimes some sort of formal validation in the kind of your death certificate. So when these gets to Facebook, your accounts gets memorialized, and your legacy account will be notified they can now administer your account.

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