A good number of Android phones are presented with a top-quality camera well worked to shoot your subject’s smallest features as well as details. And though we will admit that they are obviously not as powerful as a DSLR camera, it is still possible to capture a befitting picture with just your phone if actually you are well rounded in using it.
In this guide, we will present to you how you can take a lovely picture with your Android phone.


Don’t really mind the flash: make use of external lighting

This will be the first means we will be presenting here. In cases where it is actually dark outside, it is normal for you to resort to turning on the flash so as to light up your photos. But then if you observe well, you see that it is not really optimal as to picture quality. Thus the reality is: Don’t just worry yourself making use of your flash.

In such a scenario, it is actually better to locate a natural light source when you are in the process of shooting your photos. In the case where you find yourself in a restaurant and intend capturing a picture of your sumptuous meal, make an attempt to grab a seat by a window. This way, you can snap all the meal’s small features with the adequate lighting. In the case when you want to take a lovely a selfie, you could try posing possibly in front of a large window. Actually, this will not only lighten up your facial features, it also has the capacity to darken the background and make you the sole focus of attention.

Sometimes, it is not really possible to snap your picture in the absence of natural lighting (and truth is this is actually what we have most times), you could try looking for an alternative external light source. This could be a lamp or possibly a candle. While it may not really seem cute and reasonable, but trust me any other lighting will turn out being preferable to your flash. Most particularly when you are more in control of what you select to enhance and even highlight in your pictures.

It is better you just crop, avoid zooming

In a similar case like your Android phone’s flash, people tend to easily rush to zooming. But from experience, I can confidently tell you it is not the best. The sad truth is when you zoom your picture, it can reduce the quality of your pictures, and this could be taking off something you might not actually take note of.

It is not really easy to recollect when in the process of shooting, but your Android device is well different from a DSLR camera. Because of this, it is not possible just zooming in on something and still retain the quality of the original picture. A good number of persons into professional photography even tend to steer clear of zooming altogether preferring to crop in the process of editing after all. This is more helpful as they barely get to lose anything they had captured in the original photograph.

Despite the inconvenience, it turns out better when you get closer to what you are snapping, than the case of ever zooming in on it. The reality is that zooming really chops a lot off the quality of the picture.
Hope this guide will help you take that very lovely picture you have been waiting for that long.

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