Tutorial: How can I assign a nickname to my Android contacts

Your android phone is one very lovely device you know. You can instruct Google to ‘text my brother’ or ‘call my wife’ by just issuing befitting voice commands to the Google app.

You should know relationship status is not only restricted to social network. If you take time to train Google who your son, husband, wife, boyfriend, or employer, then you can text or call with just a simple voice command.

It is very possible to say, “Ok Google, text my brother,” or “email my boss” to carry that the prescribed activities. A list of the nicknames that can be of help to you is in a Google help article.

So simply fire the Google app, or in the case where you have enabled voice detection from any screen, you can simply say “Ok Google” and say a nickname for one of your contacts.

You can well instruct Google to recognize your siblings and general members of your family. This would make it much easier for texts, calls and emails.

So simply touch the checkmark button so that the contact is assigned. If Google fails to identify the name initially, you can carefully spell it out one letter at a time. In this very example, it was necessary for me to do that as Google had rather done a search for “Connor Kain.”

The voice commands is well compatible with some famous messaging apps equally. An instance here is you can say “send a Hangouts message” if you choose to send an OTT (over the top) message.

You can now type or dictate your message immediately after you launch it via a voice command. This though will not function appropriately with all third-party apps, yet in the case where it is not compatible with your preferred platform, just keep making attempts to do so as an increasing number of developers should enable this as time rolls on.

Okay you can also reverse the process when there is a change in the relationship of your contact. That is if someone ceases to be your boss or you break up with girlfriend, you can now say, “Ok Google, Kehinde is not my boss” and Google will immediately take note of the change.

As of now the feature is strictly available in the case where the default language in the Google app is set as English language.

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