Tutorial: Fixing the Windows 10 Settings search if it won’t display results?

There are actually few things as provocative as when a convenient feature fails at the desperate interval it is most needed. Quite a number of persons have actually complained to me that the search function in the Settings window isn’t displaying results.

I understand this is actually disturbing but then rather fortunately, resolving this problem wouldn’t take more than a few minutes. So lets go straight to the procedures as to re-indexing your Settings folders. This way you could resolve the search Windows 10 as desired.

Procedures to fixing Windows 10 Settings search in the situation where it is not displaying results

To start with, press the Windows key and R key; birth at the same thing. This would open the Run window.
Type: %LocalAppData%\Packages\windows.immersivecontrolpanel_cw5n1h2txyewy\LocalState into the Open: field. After you have done this, Click OK.

Okay, moving on, Right-click the Indexed folder. Now select Properties.

If you have done that click Advanced. Select the checkbox beside Allow files in this folder. This activity being done to have contents indexed in addition to file properties; this way a check mark should appear.

Now Click OK. After this, take on Apply.

Take OK. If you have done this properly, a window with a progress bar should pop up as the folder is indexed.

When you have successfully finished the indexing, Click OK.

So now, the search should be working, isn’t it?

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