Top 5 Sites To Do A Quick Free Virus Scan

Different types of antivirus programs are used today to be safe and free from viruses and malware but most times some antivirus program doesn’t recognize viruses or malware because their virus definition is outdated.

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So today, I want to share 5 websites to check and verify your computer is virus free. These websites offers two ways of scanning i.e. you can scan a single file or complete scan your computer files. One of the advantages of using this method to scan your file(s) is because their virus definition is up to date.

1. ESET Free Online Scanner


2. Jotti’s Malware Scan


3. Bitdefender Quick Scan

Bitdefender Online Scanner

4. Panda Active Scan


5. VirusTotal


Conclusively, you have to understand that online solutions are not the best way to protect your data; you have to install a dedicated virus scanner on your computer. Also note that there is no virus scanner that is completely immune to attack, you have to use your common sense whenever you are accessing the web from your computer.

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