Tips on How to Send Large Files via Email

Sending large files through emails can be time consuming. This is because there is a specific number of megabytes or gigabyte you can send via mail. Oftentimes, if it is beyond 10 or 25 megabytes, the email will take forever to upload and this can be exasperating.

The good news is that you can tell your employee try out the following tips using these data transfer services recommended by, Africa’s No 1 Hotel Booking Portal.

Use Cloud Storage.


Cloud storage is actually one of the easiest ways to store and send files. It involves saving all your files in a central storage system and when you need to mail any file, accessing the central server will do the trick. Examples of cloud storage service are Dropbox, Google Drive, or SkyDrive.

Hence, rather can sending whole large files, you will only need to send the URL/link to your contact. The only shortcoming here is that only those that have access to the platform can view the document.

Download Large-file sending Platforms.

Download Large-file sending Platforms

There are a handful of large file sending platforms which are either free or paid for. Among them, are File Dropper (5GB), File Xpressit (2GB), Humyo (10GB), Sizeable send (2GB), ADrive (2GB) , WeTransfer (10), and Send This File (no limit) among many others.



Split the File Using 7-Zip.


7-zip is an application which is used to compress large files. You can split a 60 MB file into 6 places with each one reduced to 10 MB and then the document can then easily be sent to your contact without problems. Click here to see how you split files with 7 zip.


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