Latest Android iPhone X clone has an in-display fingerprint sensor

It is regrettable to see that there are Android phones that unashamedly are copies of the iPhone X sensor-packed front and more of these clones keep being released. Recently, a Chinese phone maker created another of such copies called Doogee and it’s soon to come out.

The Doogee V looks almost as if it’s an iPhone X. It has the front notch with screen wrapping around it into its corners, a display that’s nearly close the bottom of the phone, cameras that are vertically piled (the difference is that they are at the center not the sides), also there’s no fingerprint sensor found behind the phone.

The most interesting thing is that the Doogee V has a fingerprint sensor; it’s just that it is built into the phone’s screen. The first phone with a fingerprint sensor came in just a few weeks back, however the tech coming from Synaptics is also obtainable by other companies so definitely we’ll start to see a manifold of phones with fingerprint sensors this year.  Doogee V hasn’t stated that it is using the tech of Synaptics, but if the in-display reader of the phone works then it most likely is.

With the addition of a fingerprint sensor, it’d be safe to assume there’s no facial recognition. It also means that the notch is unneeded. Even though it is sized to copy iPhone X, it doesn’t carry much other than an earpiece, a selfie camera, an ambient light sensor, a USB-C and a headphone jack.

The price and availability of the device is yet to be announced. The specs are also yet to be detailed though according to our sources the phone was leaked about a month ago and has a 6.2-inch display. The images we got from our sources also align with what Doogee revealed in a phone announcement teaser today so the details may be correct. Doogee is said to unveil more of the details on the 27th of February.

One thing must is worthy of note and that is that as good as these clones look, their quality will never compare against the iPhone X. Previous Doogee phones have looked just like their renders, but their low price has meant low quality specs and components amidst other deficiencies.

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