T-Mobile now allows chat with customer support in iMessage

Yesterday, T-Mobile announced that through an update, it now supports Apple’s Business Chat. Business Chat is included in the iOS 11.3, a way for customers to chat with representatives of the company over iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. This translates that, rather than making calls, use of Twitter DMs and Facebook Messenger, or using emails when you wish to make an enquiry, users can now speak with a member (employee) of the company directly through the iMessage app.

Although T-Mobile already allows users to chat with representatives through its app, creating further means (especially more streamlined ones) to access the company doesn’t seem to be a bad idea. According to T-Mobile, they are now accessible through Maps, where a “Message” icon will appear at the time you click on the listing for a T-Mobile location, and by typing “T-Mobile” into Spotlight on your phone. As soon as to tap on the message icon, you’ll be taken to the iMessage app to begin a conversation.

On this platform, T-Mobile states that customers can change their plan, change their address, check their balance, ask questions, and in any case where they need help troubleshooting, they can send screenshots to the person they are communicating to. More features such as Apple Pay and Calendar are integrated creating the opportunity for people to do such things as purchase a new phone or pay an existing balance. On the condition that a customer is making use of the same Apple ID, that individual can start a conversation and then continue with the conversation at a later time on any one of their Apple devices.

The announcement of Business Chat was made last year at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference. The rollout of the platform late in March carried support for other early Business Chat partners like Home Depot, Hilton Hotels, and Newegg.

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