How to Submit Blog to Yahoo and Bing Search Engines

On November 21, 2011, Yahoo! Search merged site explore with Bing (Hotmail Search Engine). Bing developed a webmaster tool similar to Google webmaster tool.  So, once you submit your blog to Bing webmaster, it will appear on both search engines i.e. Yahoo! & Bing.


In my recent post, I shared how Bloggers can Easily Submit Their Blog Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools for effective indexing of every blog posts. So today, I want to share how you can also submit your Blog to Bing and Yahoo search engines.

Steps to Submit Blog to Bing and Yahoo Search Engines

1.    Log in to Bing webmaster tool with your hotmail ID.

submit  blog to yahoo and bing

2.    Enter your website/blog URL in the required box, and then click on “ADD” button.

how to easily submit  blog to yahoo and bing

3.    Now enter your blog or website information as required and click “SAVE” button.

How to Verify Blog Ownership:

After a successful submission of your blog, you need to verify that you’re the owner of the blog. Bing provides three options for you to verify your account. So as a blogger using blogspot, we will go for the second option where you will be required to add a Bing Meta tag to your blog template. Follow the process below to verify your blog ownership:

1.    Go to your blog Dashboard >> Template >> Edit HTML

2.    Search for the opening head tag i.e. in you template, paste the Meta tag code on the Bing verification page before and then Save your blog template.

3.    Finally, go back to Bing webmaster tools page and then click on Verify button.

how to easily submit  blog to yahoo and bing

Now that you’re done with the submission and verification, it will take Bing few days to start showing impression data of your blog.

The next step after Blog Submission is Sitemap Submission. I will explain how you can submit your blog sitemap to Bing Webmaster tools in my next post.

P.S: Bing is giving $50 free credit for your blog advertisement.

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