Spotify, cracking down on users pirating its Premium service

According to the reports reaching us from our sources, Spotify is cracking down on users that run modified versions of the software which removes some of the restrictions of free accounts. The company has been sending out emails over since few days past now to those with the hacked accounts stating that it has observed the abnormal activity that occurs in the app and that it has disabled the accounts which is in question. However, Spotify has not deleted these accounts per say, in the sense that users can still activate them as soon as they uninstall the illegitimate software and download the official Spotify app.

According to the reports from our sources, about 88 million accounts are registered for the Spotify free version which allows for advertising and also carries with it certain limitations like the shuffle-only play. More so, there are many sites that offer downloads of doctored up Spotify installation files that make Free accounts act to a certain degree as if they were Premium accounts. All an individual has to do is to register for a free account, and then download the modified version and input their credentials. This hack does not change accounts from Free to Premium. For instance, the hack does not allow users to engage in streaming of high quality, but it does however allow for some Premium features like unlimited skips.

It still remains vague how many of these modified accounts exist in total or how much of a problem it provides for the company which is prepping to go public. Spotify numbers a hundred and fifty-nine million (159,000,000) users around the world, and seventy-one million (71,000,000) of those accounts are paid premium subscribers, and yet it is still struggling to make great profits since as a result of the paper-thin margins that go with streaming.

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