Sonos launches AirPlay 2 support for latest speakers

According to the reports reaching us from our sources, Sonos has provided speakers of this modern age with its AirPlay 2 via a new software update. AirPlay 2 will work on Sonos Beam, Sonos One, Playbase, and second-gen Play:5 speakers. People who have older speakers can group them with any of the above compatible speakers and AirPlay 2 will be able to work on them too. The AirPlay 2 is designed to offer iOS users the ability to select the music they want to play and with what speakers with the use of the new multi-room audio support.

On an iPhone, Siri is more nearly integrated into the AirPlay 2 allowing one to ask the digital assistant to play music on specific speakers. In the same manner modern Sonos speakers support Alexa, so will an individual be able to control the playback of AirPlay 2 music on Sonos speakers. As soon as the music begins to play on AirPlay 2, you can control it using Alexa, asking it to pause, go to the next track or get information of what music is being played.

In addition to this, Sonos lately warned that older speakers will no longer be provided with any software updates. Usually, the company always updates its older devices with the latest software features when customers invest hundreds or thousands of dollars in its multi-room audio support. Lately, in an SEC filing, Sonos said that, “We expect that in the near to intermediate term, this backward compatibility will no longer be practical or cost-effective, and we may decrease or discontinue service for our older products.”

Sonos has been able to sell more than 19 million of its devices at an average of nearly 3 speakers per customer and recently, the company filed for an IPO. Sonos was first founded in the year 2002 and it has since ruled the high-end market of multi-room audio, although in recent times, other companies seem to be coming up. Apple and Google for instance provide speakers that support multi-room home audio and some speaker manufacturers are taking a cue from AirPlay 2 and Google Cast to offer speakers that can be paired together.

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