Snap’s second-generation more enhanced and expensive Spectacles

Snap released its next generation of Spectacles with new features for taking photos and water resistance. It has three jewel tones: onyx (black), ruby (red), and sapphire (blue). They’re available for $150 at

To build a sequel with Spectacles, Snap spoke with clients and came up with a list of employees’ complaints about the original and made three very important refinements.

First, the design is slimmer. Spectacle should now fit into a pants pocket or dangle in front of a T-shirt. The case is also smaller making it look more like sunglasses and a bit less of a face camera.

Secondly, Snap enhanced the transfer speed between Spectacles and phones. Unlike with the former spectacles, the download speeds are now about 3 – 4 times faster. However, the task of opening Memories, tapping “import” and accepting a dialog box that switches your phone to the Spectacles Wi-Fi network is yet the same as with the previous model.

Thirdly, the Spectacles can now be taken into water as the glasses are water-resistant at shallow depths, the company also says that it can be used in the ocean. Also, the Spectacles case which serves as the device’s charger has also been made splash-proof.

Furthermore, you can take photos as well as videos all in high definition and no more in standard definition. Photo resolution is 1642 x 1642, and video resolution has been improved 25 percent to 1216 x 1216.

Snap also added a second microphone to the camera to aid in making conversations captured through the glasses easier to comprehend. In the previous version you could hear the person wearing the glasses but not the other party.

Snap is also working with a company known as Lensabl to offer prescription and polarized lenses when you buy them at However, in the meantime, this feature is only available for users in the United States.


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