Snapchat Now Selling Selfie Lenses for About N200.00

Snapchat just of late launched selfie lenses after adding Looksery to its acquisitions. For each day, a new lens is thrown into the collections accompanied with the removal of an old one from the current lineup of seven lenses.

The company at present also boasts around 30 other lenses that which is available for purchase to the user at 99 cents (which is about N200.00) and then keep for eternity.


Just to remind you, this is the way to go about activating selfie lenses. When you are making use of the front-facing camera, long press on your face, this will turn on selfie lenses. After this, you can press on a lens at the bottom to possibly preview it, should you be satisfied with your choice shoot a snap.

Lenses are of variety ranging from rainbow vomit to intimidating monster faces. Free lenses aren’t being dismissed yet, the user will get a new one every day. But if seven lenses are kind of inadequate, you can scroll past the first seven lenses and then you are faced with a whole bunch of lenses.

Previewing them will not cost you anything but using them in a snap is what will get you charged the 99 cents. For each day, there will be 30 paid lenses. Yet there is that uncertainty as to what manner and how often Snapchat will add new lenses to the store. This will not bring us into in-app purchases as Snapchat lets you pay $0.99 to get 3 extra replays.

You still have the option of replaying any snap once, but should you intend to replay it again, you’ll have to pay. And very surely, the company has its hands on advertising with sponsored lenses as well as other ads. When you accumulate in-app purchases with advertising, we see a fascinating direction for the company. Majority of consumer startups prefer strongly to keep their products totally free.

It’s a dangerous uncertain option for Snapchat as the company could greatly isolate existing users as well as drop the pace, as the growth of teenagers are turned off by paid options. Snapchat is also introducing official accounts. When you look for “justinbieber” for instance, the app will put up suggestions like “rickthesizzler” in a new “Official Stories” section.

And according to your guesses, “rickthesizzler” is Justin Bieber’s official account. As pseudonyms still form a big norm on Snapchat, official stories are just so vital features bringing in that guaranty that you don’t end up following illegitimate and inauthentic accounts. But then we will not still forget that the average user doesn’t really know that “rickthesizzler” is indeed Bieber. Snapchat still has quite a distance to pursue in its journey to enhance celebrity discovery on the platform.

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