Siri could come to the Mac this year

As we know it, the Siri is well compatible with the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad as well as the Apple TV. Finally it strongly seems Mac will joining the exclusive list of “compatibles”. Very reliable reports have it on their shelf that Apple is practically aiming to make a solid addition of Siri into the upcoming version of OS X a version which equally is vehemently anticipated ( sometime upfront later this year).

Siri could come to the Mac this year

Siri could come to the Mac this year

Throwing more beaming light on the reports, Apple has set targets at realizing the functionality of the a Siri button in the Mac’s menu bar. Well,this is really not typically about the clock as well as Spotlight icon, which you will have the capsicum to activate by clicking it.

There could also pop up a situation where you feel driven to enjoy an always-listening feature, just in the same manner the iPhone does, when it boasts power connection. Once you activate Siri, its responses (according to reports) will get display on a corner of the desktop coming on a semi-transparent black window.

It is still a possibility that the details of Siri on OS X could still face some alterations yet . Taking from the reports, this is no one overnight task as Apple has been in the kitchen since 2012, trying to toast this feature — if you remember this is the very year after Siri made its debut on the iPhone 4S. Cool if you say we it is no jolly surprise as to the arrival of the Siri on the desktop may but then don’t easily forget that it was not until 2025 that Apple made the giant stride of extending Siri to platforms outside of iOS.

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