How To Send Free SMS On Mobile Phones Globally Using BINU

Today, I want to share how we can all send FREE SMS anywhere in the WORLD on our mobile phone without any advert (like and any delay. This free SMS can be done via a mobile application know as BINU. This application has many great features, but I’m going to emphasize on the Free SMS feature alone.

Send free SMS

How to Use BINU Application to Send Free SMS WORLDWIDE on Mobile Phones?
BINU is a java application that can work on any java enable mobile phone such as Nokia, Samsung, BlackBerry etc. Below is a screen shot of the application.

Feature of BINU Application for FREE SMS

No ad Placement on message sent,
It can be sent to any mobile number worldwide
No charges applied
Supports about 260 characters for sending SMS

Some Other Features of BINU Application

Facebook and Twitter Chat & status Update
Can be use to send email
You can read Bible, Quran, Dictionary, Wikipedia, Google search etc. on BINU Application.

How Can I Get the Application?

Binu application is free to download.
Click Here  to download BINU for Java Phones
Click Here  to download BINU for BlackBerry

How Can I Use the Application to Send SMS?

After you must have successfully downloaded the application,
Launch it ->> Go to my account ->> Click on New account ->> Create a Username ->> Add your phone Number ->> Test Your Phone Number ->> after testing your phone number, you will receive a SMS alert containing a PIN to verify your number. You will need this PIN later to login into your account.

You can now send free SMS globally on your mobile phones with no ads.

For questions and more info, use the comment box below.

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