Samsung patents a drone with a flying display controlled by your eyes

It has been recognized that Samsung’s latest patent is for a drone with an integrated display which is able to detect a face and pupils of a person as well as the gestures of their hand and position. The application for this patent was filed on the 3rd of January, 2016 and it was granted on the 13th of February, 2018. The patent shows a unit featuring a display at the centre with four propellers on every corner.

According to the patent, the description is such that the drone can include a camera and observation system which allows it to transmit data to the main control unit. The system is able to track the head, hands, eyes, or fingers of the users. The flight speed and direction of the drone can be controlled by moving the head, hands, or eyes and the unit is also capable of tracking users automatically without employing the use of any additional gestures.

More so, the patent explains that there is a “joint manipulator” that can change the inclination angle of the flight. The unit itself isn’t limited to a quad-rotor shape; it can be reconfigured to different patterns.

The unit may also include a gyroscope sensor, a motion sensor, a vibration system, and/or an accelerometer. There also are other features that the drone could have as outlined by the patent which includes voice recognition capabilities, a GPS and a Wi-Fi-based positioning system.

The angle of the display on the drone can be circumstantially adjusted during flight. In addition, the drone would also feature an obstacle detection unit which will provide it with the ability to automatically detect and avoid structures and other objects while it flies.

Samsung is not the only company working on drones: Amazon has also patented a great deal of drone concepts including those that can self-destruct in case of an emergency.

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