Reports: Apple to release a cheaper iPad next week

According to the reports reaching us from our sources, Apple is holding an event which is focused on education on Tuesday that arouses “creative new ideas for teachers and students.” Even though before now, there have been rumours that a new and cheaper MacBook will soon be arriving, it seems as if for the meantime, Apple will be placing its focus on the iPad this coming week. The reports that we got from our sources state that a “low-cost iPad” will be announced alongside the new education software by next week.

Earlier rumours we had had hinted that Apple was planning to launch a $259 budget iPad model this year even as it makes effort to gain back the base which it has lost to both Google Chromebooks and Microsoft PCs in the United States education market. Apple formerly dominated the educational market, but now, 60 percent of it is held by Google-powered Chromebooks or Android tablets, 22 percent by PCs and 20 percent by Macs and devices. The market is worth $17.7 billion worldwide, but it’s not just sales that are the point. Many students continue using the devices they learned on, driving future sales for educational suppliers.

A cheaper iPad should aid in move upwards the ambitions of Apple in the classroom especially as price is one key factor in the sales of devices to both schools and students.

Further reports reaching us from our sources state that a cheaper MacBook is still being worked upon for development and has a chance of substituting the MacBook Air at a price below $1000. The MacBook air has not yet been majorly refreshed by Apple since the year 2010. What’s more is that the model that is currently being sold by the company is out of date considering its price which is $999. We have no information yet as to the precise time when the cheaper MacBook is to be released, however, it will surely be released later within the year.

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