PlayStation 4 is Getting a Media Player

Your doubts are of little consequence here as whether you believe it or not, Sony didn’t have enough patience to wait for its E3 ceremony before getting started on sharing a quantity of news about the PlayStation 4. The company has started its launch a media player for its console which this time involves some playback features you had with great amount of pains missed in your PlayStation 4. This time around, it will stream media from devices which are DLNA-compatible on your local network, at the beginning, and there is the added function of accommodating a plug in a USB drive say you choose to rather play locally stored music and videos. The player is already available, it sends different volumes of refreshment to different persons so I advise you try it for yourself.

Media Player for the PS4

Officially, Sony has revealed that the PlayStation 4 will be getting an addition of a media player, which will consequently will assume the name “Media Player for the PS4”. If the latest PlayStation console is in your possession, then proceed to head on straight to the PlayStation Store — you might be seeing it already, as Sony had announced as of its E3 pre-show press conference which revealed that the player would be going live consequently. With this media player, users can now enjoy the capacity to watch content from more than one sources, which endows them the oft-requested feature yet still adding to the operational handsomeness of the console.

If you wish to get the Media Player, fire up your PS4 and go to the content area, then you would choose the “Media Player” icon which is present there. From there, you will proceed into the PlayStation Store from where the download is possible. Once it is installed, you can now employ it in playing movies from a USB stick which houses your videos or possibly from a home server.

Users can view their home server as it shows up as a “media option”, says Sony, and music can, which for sure, can also be played via the Media Player (both AAC and MP3).

A very good lot of video formats are in the compatible list, many including MKV, MP4, AVI, and MPEG-2 TS in a multiple collection of codecs. You can also view photos if they’re in JPEG, BMP and PNG formats.

Of course dating back and considering the fact that the PlayStation 3 offers a Media Player, it was quite out of the tidy box that the PS4 didn’t have on its gadget convoy at its launch. So now you can say it is relieving that is Sony’s adding it to the PlayStation 4. Most of us that were quite upset with the Media Player omission can now for sure be pacified as we can now play video and audio files through a USB-connected drive or possibly streamed from a home server. I have gathered many contentment with this move as Sony says it has been such a greatly requested feature. The main rival of PS4’s console, the Xbox One, has a media player in its armoury as well.


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