Potential voice and video calling features soon to hit Instagram as revealed by Instagram’s code

The analysis of Instagram code has revealed several files which point to a possibility of forthcoming voice and video calling features according to the reports reaching us from our sources. The files are tagged “call” and “video call” with phone and camera icons which are available in the app’s Android application packages (APKs). Android application packages (APKs) contain all of the codes of the app and can also display files for unreleased functions that are already made available in the app even though they have not yet been launched.

If all things go as smoothly as planned, and the features end up going live on the Instagram app, the app is bound to be a much greater competition to Snapchat. Snapchat on its own end also has video calling, however, it kind of appears to be buried. In order to access it, you have to tap on a friend’s profile and select the call button in their own particular chat screen. In the case of Messenger, there is a dedicated call button on the launch screen of the app. The recent design of Snapchat has also brought about a bit of a confusion and anger amongst users. On this note, if Instagram can make the option for making calls a bit less ambiguous and confusing, there is a tendency that Instagram can get more users to use its app

Instagram is known to copy features from Snapchat ephemeral videos and photos. Instagram Stories for example, presently has more users than Snapchat. Snapchat’s calling feature allows you to use AR lenses that surround your face with such things as dog ears or flower crowns. Instagram also has its own lenses for selfies, making it safe to assume that lenses overlaid on video calls will be a feature on Instagram videos as well.

The time when voice and video calling might launch has not been stipulated yet and we are yet to find out if it will be available at all.

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