How To Post On Instagram From The Web

How To Upload Photos to Instagram from any Device.


Instagram is a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with friends and family.

Take a picture or video, choose a filter to transform its look and feel, then post to Instagram — it’s that easy. You can even share to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more. It’s a new way to see the world.

According to Pew Research Internet Project’s latest study, Instagram is now the fastest growing social network. Somehow Instagram has managed to find its balance between social sharing, and social interaction. Instagram is growing in both capabilities and popularity, and drawing more and more non-conventional users to it.

This makes it a great time to be marketing yourself. Here are some tools to enhance your experience on Instagram. With these tools, you can use the service from your computer as opposed to just from a smartphone; schedule your posts, and more.

Gramblr []


Gramblr is a free program that allows you to plug in your Instagram account info and start uploading pictures immediately. You must have an Instagram account to upload photos using Gramblr. Your photos must be edited beforehand to Gramblr’s size requirement of 650 px by 650 px. You can then add a description and tags to the image. After Gramblr uploads your photo, it provides you with links to share the images. Gramblr is a simple working solution if you don’t mind editing your photo size beforehand or skipping out on Instagram’s filter options.

Steps to download and install Gramblr to start uploading photos to Instagram from your desktop computer:

  1. Download and Install Gramblr from:
    Currently supports Windows (XP, Vista, 7,8) and Mac OSX.
  2. Before uploading your photos, photos must be saved in “.jpg” format and photo size must be 650 px by 650 px.
  3. Sign in to Instagram using your Instagram login details.
  4. Choose the photo you would like to upload and hit “Upload”.gambrl 1
  5. Add a Caption to the photo and click “Save Caption” button.gramblr 2
  6. Gramblr will provide links for you to share your uploaded photo through Direct Link, Web Link, HTML Code, Forum BBC Code, and also the ability to share directly on Facebook and Twitter with one click.gramblr 3

Latergram []


The idea is pretty simple. You upload one or multiple images/videos from either the web or phone. You set a schedule so they are released as you want them to be. You can then get the images pushed to your phone, if you choose. You will get an alert just prior to scheduled posts publishing, so you can either change/erase the post, or verify it.

  • Easily plan & schedule your Instagram posts
  • Upload images from the web or phone
  • Management from the web app or mobile app
  • Get scheduled images pushed to your phone

 Because you have to authorize the publishing at the time it is scheduled, this is more a way of monitoring your posting calender than an autoposter. But for those who want more control, it is a great tool.

Schedugram []


ScheduGram is for social media managers that need an easier way of managing Instagram for their clients and brands. Schedugram features web uploading, scheduling, and supports multiple accounts.

  • Schedule Instagram updates from mobile
  • Post and schedule Instagram updates from the web
  • Multiple Instagram account support

If you are looking for something super simple which schedules and auto-posts photos and videos, then lets you know? Then this one might be best for you. Upload via you browser, manage multiple accounts, and allow multiple administrators access. Once the scheduled posts have been published, you will get an email alert. So any time there is any problem, you will be notified instantly.

Best of all, it supports multiple upload of pictures. So you can put a bunch of photos or videos on at once, edit the information like the meta data, and then schedule them all at once. This is so much more efficient than doing it one by one.

Do you have another alternative? We’d love to hear from you!  Let us know in the comment section below.

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