Pixel and Nexus devices having issues caused by Android 8.1.

Android 8.1 was pretty much a minor update as at the time it was released in early December, and even though it included a few new features such as enabling the Pixel Visual Core and a new security patch, it also introduced a new bug that doesn’t appear to have been fixed since it was discovered about a month ago.

On the 7th of December 2017,  a thread was started on Google’s support site titled “Android 8.1 Issues” with a user making a report that swiping up on the lock screen to enter their pin time and again doesn’t work and requires them to swipe multiple times before it goes all the way up. Not long after, many other users complained about the selfsame issues.

Besides the fact regarding the difficulty involved in swiping up on the lock screen to go home or enter a PIN/password, there was also a report that it can often take multiple tries to swipe away a notification that’s on the lock screen. This is something that has been undoubtedly noticed on the Google Pixel 2, and users say that it is extremely annoying to sometimes have to swipe three or more times in a bid to dismiss a notification.

Along with issues on the lock screen, problems have oftentimes also been encountered by the users when attempting to answer or decline phone calls. This has again been detected on the Pixel 2, and more frequently than not, it requires multiple tries before the gesture is actually completed.

Our sources say that this is an issue that seems to be affecting both Pixel and Nexus devices running Android 8.1. A lot of people have reached out to Google to see what’s going on, but so far the only thing that has been heard is that the company is “looking into this.”

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