Now, you can create your own custom face lenses on Snapchat

Today, new features are being distributed on Snapchat and there has been added a new tool that lets users create custom lenses and mew text caption styles for snaps. Lenses are AR masks that cover your face with things like puppy ears, flower crowns, and the significant vomiting rainbow. These lenses start from $9.99 and above dependent on the size of the location you choose, duration of the lens, and other factors.

The lens tool can be obtained from desktop browsers or the Snapchat app on iOS. At launch, users can be able to choose from a lot of different lens templates which can also be personalized with text. The offer of these templates can be likened to Snapchat’s custom geofilters which are decorative borders that users can select for their snaps when situated at a pre-defined location.

In creating a custom face lens in the iOS app, tap on Settings, then select Filters and Lenses. Next, choose from any of the already made face lens templates. You could as well add a text if you desire.

Snap remarks that users should complete the purchase of their custom lens at least 72 hours before the event for it to run on time. The tool is only intended for consumers. Snap also stated that any brands intending to use it to advertise for their company will not get an approval.

Snap’s stock has surged because of the sales in the fourth quarter which amounted to $285.7 million with over 3.5 billion snaps created on a daily basis. The new features of today are a means for Snap to get more users to use its app which has suffered stunted growth in terms of user base as well as to diversify revenue sources. In November, Snapchat disclosed a redesign meant to make the app more accessible and easy to use. Last week, Snap introduced new customization options to its Bitmoji app. With the updates of today, Snap is distinguishing further from Facebook properties like Instagram properties (the Snapchat clone that now outperforms the original).

New font styles are also launching today for captions n both your photo and video and snaps. They include; brush, italic, glow, gradient, rainbow, fancy, and old English. You will be able to choose in between one or two fonts on each snap.

The feature – Create Your Own Lens – is available in the US as of today both on web and in the Snapchat app on iOS. According to Snap, global and android availability is “coming soon.” The new caption options are being made available to both iOS and Android users.

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