Nissan turned an SUV into a PS4 Controller to Play a Soccer Game

Nissan, Konami, and Sony have combined perfectly into a team bringing up a gigantic wonder of working a Qashqai crossover SUV into a very expensive PlayStation 4 controller — this time most surprisingly is not to play a racing game. On the other shocking hand, the vehicle will be made use of in playing Pro Evolution Soccer 2016.


Nissan has been exciting the its die hards about the project for a couple of weeks in tips. But so drawing the curtains of the tickling anxiety.


Concerning the manner in which the controls are practically worked through the Qashqai, here’s how Fortune put it: Players pass the ball with the brake pedal and shoot on goal with the gas pedal, controlling the direction of players with the steering wheel.

The windshield washer lever handles cross passes, the phone button makes players sprint, and the turn signal is used to navigate up and down.

Which, as far as these kind of things go, in all truth, does not seem too absurd to comprehend, unless in the event where Nissan has left all those primary functions intact and cross passes will be kind of disrupted by the rubbery sound of wiper handles.

See here how the SUV controller came about as Nissan has posted a handful of well-polished clips chronicling the development process here.

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