BlackBerry Key2 leaks out before announcement

According to the reports that we got from our sources, the next phone under the Blackberry name which was said to be announced this wednesday, however, we got a tip providing details on what the new device will look like. The name of the device is called the Blackberry Key2. It has a grey and black outlook that is somewhat inhibited, it also has lesser noticeable holes and sensors, and to add to that, it has a keyboard layout that is a bit more spacious than most normal phone keyboards.

The keyboard of the device happens to be what catches the eye. Considering the fact that Blackberry phones of the modern day carry with them additional security features that can be likened to those used in previous times, they are in other situations considerably generic Android phones that are only able to be in the spotlight because of the name that Blackberry has made for itself. In other words, they are not so great, and another thing to note is that they are not even built by the company in actuality, rather, they are built by TCL.

To make some improvements, the Key line has caused Blackberry’s trademark keyboard to make a reappearance. It’s up to users to then decide if they prefer physical keyboards to on-screen ones.

As an upgrade to the Key2, TCL added a new feature – dual cameras. Even though there seems to be no further external modifications, it seems as if TCL made a change in the keyboard, turning the bottom-right shift button into a key with a logo that appears as if it’s a shortcut key. The key appears as if it is an app launcher.

The archetype model of the device which happens to be the Key One, had a 4.5-inch screen and a middle range Snapdragon 625 processor. They Key2 on the other hand, retained the 4.5-inch screen but the processor was upgraded to Snapdragon 660.

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