Bose previews voice-controlled on-ear headphones and a pair of wireless earbuds

A few days ago, the company known as Bose which produces headphones has just announced that it has released new headphones – three to be exact. This move was a deliberate attempt by the company to direct all its energy and resources to its project of Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 that Bose hopes will bring about “the biggest leap forward in headphones since the iconic QuietComfort.” There are however who seem to think that the comment the company made is one bold claim seeing the way the QuietComfort line has defined the group.

The QuietComfort line is what these new headphones work with as it provides a leap forward in that it provides support for voice control with the aid of Google Assistant and Alexa, it is compatible with Siri and it also has a certain level of noise cancelling feature. While making a statement, the company’s management stated thus:

“Surrounded by competing conversations, rush-hour traffic, and loud subway platforms, they can share their quiet, and not the noise around them — for crystal clear calls to home and work, and unprecedented accuracy from VPAs.”

Truth be told, the features and updates these headphones come with are in a certain way the same as what other headphones producing companies such as Sony have presented for some time now with their QC competitors. Be that as it may, Bose has succeeded in making these products so it is only fair to judge that the company has done a fine job of making something out of the ordinary especially if one is to consider the technology of noise isolation.

While speaking to the press, the company’s Brian Maguire spoke of the headphones as some sort of replacements to touchscreens evidently seeking to function like an AirPod since it has a voice control model built into it. In the words of Brian Maguire, “Noise cancelling headphones have always helped us hear better — but we need to be heard better, too. And no mobile device has solved that problem. No phone, no headphone, and no combination of the two. But the Bose Noise Cancelling 700 changes that. And we can’t wait for people to experience the difference it makes.”

The company announced that the 700s will reach the market beginning from the 30th of June at the cost of $399 a cost that is not so far from the price of the QC 35 II. We currently do not have enough information regarding the noise cancelling 500 and 700 wireless earbuds except the claim that they happen to be “super-compact, versatile, and available this year.” Bose however promises to provide more information and images of them before they are launched.

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